Formula 1 is what the racing scene considers as the pinnacle of motorsports. Whether televised or viewed in person, every event is exhilarating as drivers push their machines to the limit as they vie for a podium finish. However, not many are aware that these professionals all started with karting. Now, a designer proposes a cool concept dubbed the GoPro GoKart.

Perhaps the reason why motorsport enthusiasts are unaware of how their favorite drivers started their careers is the lack of media coverage. Unlike the world’s popular races, karting is rarely broadcasted save for the occasional livestream or video upload. Sean Gao shares his vision wherein the kart itself is outfitted with cameras to capture all the action.

Despite the brand’s decline in the action camera market, it remains a household name. The GoPro GoKart is presented as a standard-sized high-performance four-wheeler built out of cutting-edge materials. Renders supplied show a combination of composites with sections crafted out of carbon fiber as indicated by the familiar weaved patterns.

The GoPro GoKart’s aerodynamics have been carefully considered as it features a front splitter, side skirts, and a rear diffuser. We can safely assume the driving dynamics are top-notch. The lack of an exhaust system tells us this is a battery-electric platform. Four cameras are mounted flush located at the front, rear and sides.

As for the cockpit, it shows a modern setup with a steering wheel and two pedals. A dedicated receptacle for the driver’s smartphone turns the device into a digital instrument cluster. Gao also notes that the handset doubles as a key fob as the GoPro GoKart will not activate without the owner’s registered unit. A twist of the dial knob on the steering column sets it to drive or reverse.

“What if GoPro offers an all-in-one B2B solution: go-kart tracks, camera-equipped karts, trackside and overhang cameras, and a seamless system to offer motor race enthusiast to relive the breathtaking moments,” writes the designer. It appears the GoPro GoKart is part of a complete package to give people an adrenaline-fueled experience with footage from any angle.

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Images courtesy of Sean Gao