The tiny card-size Uphold Cutlery Kit will make a great replacement for the harmful plastic fork, spoon, and knife that you bring in your travels. It carries a beautiful appearance that does not sacrifice functionality. 

Designers Eric Tong, Hannah Morris & Jordan Lau came up with this portable kit that’s ridiculously small it’s about the size of a cardholder. This means it easily slips into the pockets of your jeans, your jacket, your suit, and more. The best thing is, it doesn’t look gaudy at all too but rather quite edgy and modern.

At first glance, no one would think this kit holds essential dining tools including a knife, fork, and spoon. But the Uphold Cutlery Kit manages to pack these items inside its sleek design. The kit is merely 0.4″ thick. The cutlery is made out of food-grade titanium alloy and aluminum alloy to make them lightweight, while a flexible TPU/TPE snap-fit mechanism makes them easy to store when not in use. 

The cutlery is flat but a pinch of their flexible parts bends the spoon and fork into just the right amount of curve to pick up food. Then lock the ergonomic handle in place to keep the curved shape intact for eating. Despite the TPU/TPE material of the handles, it is safe to use on piping hot food as it can handle temperatures as high as 110°C.

Moreover, the Uphold Cutlery Kit features a sleek design with no hidden areas that can trap dirt or grease, making them hygienic and easy to clean afterward. They are also 100% recyclable making them eco-friendly and TSA-approved. 

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Images courtesy of Uphold Living