Australia has a whole continent’s worth of camping experiences just waiting to be had and Ultimate Campers have just the trailers needed to take those adventures in comfort. For over 20 years, they’ve been tweaking and fine-tuning their rigs until they finally produced the Ultimate NEXUS Camper Trailer ($55,600).

Closed down, this 1,900 lb (850 Kg) pull-behind is aerodynamically streamlined for maximum fuel efficiency. Opened out, the Ultimate NEXUS reveals a luxurious leather-covered, U-shaped lounge area beside the efficient full-function kitchen area, all contained within the trailer’s hull. The sleeping area folds out at a cross angle leading off from the lounge into a king-size bed in the spacious, privacy curtained shelf.

The Ultimate NEXUS is made for pleasant accommodation however far off-road you go – from the multi-colored LED mood lighting and the Premium Fusion Sound System, to the utility network providing solar, electrical, water, plumbing including shower, and compressor refrigerator/freezer.