Almost immediately after its opening day in December 2012, The Alpina Gstaad became an internationally recognized new standard of excellence in the hotel business, arguably representing the most distinguished accommodation option for any mountain enthusiast. It is a multiple award winning hotel like no other, a jewel in the iconic Gstaad luxury resort.

The Alpina Gstaad, Front View Panorama, The Swiss Alpina Gstaad The Swiss Alpina Gstaad, Panorama

The Swiss Alpina Gstaad is a dream destination for anyone looking to escape the city and enjoy a world-class ski vacation. Expert ski instructors are there to help you have a wonderful time on the slopes, as they will go beyond the simple instruction: they will help you start the day with a much-needed guided warm-up, as well as conclude your skiing sessions with a healthy cool-down and stretching program. To help you better recharge for the next day in the slopes, a relaxing treatment at the Six Senses Spa is highly recommended as well.

Returning to your room or suite is a rewarding experience in itself. Every single room is tastefully designed to the highest standards of sophistication. The views are breathtaking and the interiors are truly inspiring, featuring a wonderful mix of genuine period woodwork and contemporary local materials. The hotel represents the perfect embodiment of Swiss refinement and authenticity.

Art plays a major role at The Alpina Gstaad, taking many different forms throughout the establishment. There is a permanent art collection for guests to enjoy, which also includes a spectacular baroque wood ceiling above the main staircase, which experts have dated back to the 1780s. Art can also be experienced at the hotel’s dining and drinking venues, in the form of mouthwatering refined gastronomy. And because art speaks directly to the senses, the luxury spa has been masterfully designed to pamper the body and the spirit for ultimate balance.

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