Light guns have been the peripherals of choice that offer a realistic shooting experience in video games. At the height of its popularity, you can find these in arcades, home consoles, and even in some training simulators. Technology has come a long way since then and UGLY.DUCKLING envisions a modern take on the accessory it calls the Telegun.

The brand’s industrial design is by GIHAWOO – the same group that previously gave us the Porket VR. Smartphones are the most ubiquitous devices that you can find in everyone’s pockets or bags. It’s a platform for telecommunication, productivity, imaging, and entertainment.

With augmented reality gaming already a mainstay, the Telegun will come in handy. UGLY.DUCKLING proposes an all-in-one gadget that functions as a gimbal and AR gaming accessory. Unlike the usual form factor we get from other manufacturers, it’s in the shape of a pistol.

A mount folds out to accommodate handsets of various sizes. The forward section can also twist so you can either have it in portrait or landscape mode. A cutout features a trigger, while the handle is at an angle. This is an ergonomic choice so that the Telegun feels more natural. 

An analog control stick is exactly where one would find the hammer on a handgun with two buttons just below. Toward the base of the grip are an LED battery indicator and a USB-C charging port at the bottom. Meanwhile, the top section of the Telegun houses a camera with an LED flash unit.

This means users can also take photos and videos even without their smartphones. With so many tech groups banking on AR technology, this could become a must-have item down the line. Perhaps the next Call of Duty mobile would require something like the Telegun.

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Images courtesy of UGLY.DUCKLING