Probably the most common danger around a campsite is tripping over the guy wires in the dark that support your tent. A company out of Redmond, Washington has developed a simple solution, the UCO StakeLight LED Tent Stakes ($12/4-pack).

Made of 6000 Series aluminum, these 9″ long stakes have a built-in 17-lumen battery operated LED light that provides not only ambient lighting around your tent area, it also points out where support lines are located. The StakeLight is powered by a single AAA battery which provides up to 10 hours of light continuously or can be switched to ‘strobe’ mode for up to 24 hours. This feature is especially helpful for relocating your tent if you are camping in an undeveloped backcountry.

The light and battery are protected from the elements inside a TPE housing which can be slipped off the stake and used as a wayfinder. At just 1.3 oz (36 grams) each, a pouchful of UCO StakeLight LED Tent Stakes will brighten your camping experience in many ways.