In addition to their fancy ships, the elite are always eager for more extravagant purchases. Most of these massive vessels have garages that can hold anything from yacht tenders, water toys, automobiles, and submersibles. U-Boat Worx is a prominent supplier of the latter and its latest project – the UWEP – is its most interesting one yet.

Several of the Dutch manufacturer’s previous releases are already on our pages. However, the number of people that can join your underwater explorations is limited. The Under Water Entertainment Platform (UWEP), on the other hand, can accommodate up to 120.

Its design offers more than 1,600 square feet for owners to customize. For now, U-Boat Worx is marketing this to commercial operators. The modular nature of the UWEP is one of its biggest selling points. Eventually, we might see establishments offer special tours aboard a fleet of these submersibles.

The ability to safely take people below the surface in a fully conditioned pressure hull will be an experience like no other. Still, some insanely rich folks will gladly burn money to own one of these for personal use. If cost is never an issue, the company will gladly cater to their whims anyway.

U-Boat Worx envisions configurations that can turn the UWEP into a casino, wedding venue, product presentation center, and restaurant. Organizers will gladly pay top dollar to book these submersibles to make a spectacular impression. U-Boat Worx offers it in two trims.

Apart from the size, weight, and interior space, both can dive down to depths of 650 feet. The UWEP packs a 1,200 kW battery system to keep it operational for up to 18 hours. U-Boat Worx says it can hit a top speed of 3 knots and is likewise outfitted with state-of-the-art safety systems.

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Images courtesy of U-Boat Worx