Today’s tablets are revolutionizing music production and the way DJ s perform. However, the level of fine tuning and the touch experience isn’t quite the same as operating a conventional deejay set. Well, the Tuna DJ Knobs for Tablets ($25,00) are about to change all that.

Created by a small Dutch company named Tweetonig, the Tuna knobs are small conductive dials that stick to any touchscreen providing a more accurate control and a real mixing feel when using DJ and music-making apps. They feature a clear acrylic base that sticks to your device’s screen with a micro suction cup, and a conductive rubber grip that converts a real-life turning motion into an in-app touch command, providing precise adjustments. Compatible with Windows, Android and iOS touchscreen devices, the Tuna DJ knobs are optimized for use with many music production apps including Korg iMS-20, Korg iElectrive, iDJ2GO and TouchOSC.

Tuna DJ Knobs for Tablets 1

Tuna DJ Knobs for Tablets 2

Tuna DJ Knobs for Tablets 3

Tuna DJ Knobs for Tablets 4