The Truck Surf Hotel is an innovative mobile accommodation that offers the best views surrounded by nature, in rural tourism farms and natural camping parks. This hotel on wheels is perfect for folks who enjoy the outdoors & those who want to learn how to ride waves or improve their skills in some of the world’s best surf spots.

Based on a Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy-duty truck, the unique hotel features a hydraulic system that allows the walls and the sealing to expand, transforming into a double-decker. On the first floor, there’s a fully equipped living room, a wet bathroom, and a kitchen for self-catering and enjoying the buffet breakfast, while an outdoor lounge terrace with bean bags lets you relax and enjoy the sunsets.

Climbing the indoor stairs, there’s the main hall with access to 5 rooms (4 shared and 1 private), each with wooden walls and wide windows for taking in the views. Currently, the trips offered are along the coast of Portugal and Morocco, where travelers can surf perfect waves guided by coaches, or enjoy the amazing surroundings, do yoga or food tasting, trekking, horse riding, and more.

Book at Truck Surf Hotel $590+/week

Photos Courtesy of Truck Surf Hotel