Triton ($300) is an ingenious new product that could revolutionize the way humans breathe underwater (if it indeed works). Billed as the “world’s first artificial gills”, this smart scuba mask apparently allows divers to explore the seas for up to 45 minutes at a time.

Employing a system composed of Microporous Hollow Fiber and a lithium-ion battery operating a modified dual micro compressor, the compact device extracts (from the water) and stores the oxygen in a small, embedded air tank. To access the oxygen, users need to bite gently on the mouthpiece, and they should be able to explore depths of maximum 15 ft (4.5 m) for 45 min, before needing to recharge the battery (which takes 2 hours for a full-charge). When the battery is drained or you dive too deep, the Triton will send you pulse vibrations and its LED lamps will start flashing, alerting you that something is wrong. Even better, all of this tech comes in a package only 11.5″ long & 4.5″ wide, so they’re a breeze to carry to your next diving spot. Details in the video

Update: A lot of scientists and journalists are pointing out that this is most probably a BIG scam, so we advise against backing up this campaign.

Update 2: It turns out this was indeed a scam. Watch the video below for more details.

Triton Artificial Gills 5

Triton Artificial Gills 4

Triton Artificial Gills 2

Triton Artificial Gills 3

Triton Artificial Gills 1