Sneakerheads may find the Trimly Sneaker Trees helpful if they want to protect their kicks. It keeps moisture off and keeps your sneakers in shape.

Trimly crafted this with premium cedar wood to prevent moisture damage. It also keeps your sneakers in their top shape and form, especially those that you have in storage.

The Trimly Sneaker Trees features a split-toe design that expands in your shoe. This is so it can accommodate different shoe sizes and also perform its function. The expansion removes the creases so your shoes retain their natural shape. It stretches your sneakers flat and prevents toe lift. It keeps the vamp taut and thus preventing possible creasing after wear.

Meanwhile, the use of aromatic American (heartwood) cedarwood is especially helpful in absorbing damaging moisture caused by sweat, puddle baths, or rain splatters that seep through the fabric. Cedarwood prevents your footgear from disintegrating from the inside out. Sans the moisture, you extend the lifespan of your sneakers.

The Trimly Sneaker Trees also has a full Overhang grip for easy insertion or removal. The ergonomic handles feel good in the hands as you can easily curl your fingers around them. These footwear must-haves are essential if you want to keep your kicks looking pristine and new for longer.

Trimly’s founder James Seaford said the Sneaker Tree features a “versatile design suitable for any sneaker shape, including low-tops and high-tops.” This will definitely be a “yes” purchase on serious sneakerheads who want to avoid their kicks falling apart before they can even fully relish their beauty.

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Images courtesy of Trimly