Instant coffee is great for those on-the-go caffeine fixes because they are lightweight, small, easily packable, and all it needs is hot water. However, the problem with this type of coffee is that it needs a stirrer.

Some people get creative and fold its packet to use as a stand-in stirrer, but let’ face it. This is unhealthy since you’re basically putting melted plastic into your drink. This is why the T’remo Drip Stick Coffee is perfect because it combines coffee-bag and teaspoon in a thin stick, thus eliminating the need for a stirrer.

The stick is purely made from pulp and the mesh bag that holds the ground coffee beans is made out of polyester (PET), which is known to be resistant against chemicals and biological factors including light and weather conditions. It is also sensitive to alkali. This coffee doesn’t use glue to stick the mesh bag to the stick.

A packet of the T’remo Drip Stick Coffee contains .13oz of premium frozen dry Columbian ground coffee. It’s ultimately pure coffee with zero sugar, calories, cholesterol, and sodium. A ten-second drip and stir into 6 ounces of cold or hot water results to a normal drip coffee, while a 1-2 minute dip makes a dark, rich, and bold taste.

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Photo Courtesy of T’remo