A tactical wallet is an essential item wherever you go, be it at a party or to an outdoor adventure. It eliminates the need to bring several tools for several tasks. Instead, you just need one multifunctional everyday carry, just like the Trayvax OG 2.0.

This wallet is an upgrade to the original design but retains the signature Trayvax card sliding function that makes accessing cards effortless. It can hold 15 cards and equipped with an RFID technology to protect your private data from digital theft.

The Trayvax OG 2.0 now comes with a security clasp to keep cards and information secure. A money clip with a built-in TSA compliant bottle opener replaces the cumbersome Velcro strap. The clip also helps turn your wallet into an ID badge.

Moreover, this upgraded version has a built-in durable prybar to open canned items and an attachment point for versatility in carrying. You can attach the wallet on your belt loop or wear it around your neck.

This wallet can withstand prolonged use. It is made from a composite material of high-pressure fiberglass laminate, the same material often used in knife handles. Its backplate is made from stainless steel and the front now has a better grip.

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Photos Courtesy of Trayvax Enterprises