Away from the hectic and busy old-meets-new metropolis that is Seoul, the capital of South Korea, you will find an intriguing building. Tranquility House is a special retreat with enough room for many generations to spend a summer vacation and is about as far away in terms of the aesthetics and surroundings of the nearest city as it can be.

While the property may have a very contemporary design thanks to the neutral tones of the materials used, it still manages to blend perfectly with its environment. A plywood roof and concrete walls line the house on the inside, with an expansive open-plan space that offers any visitor stunning vistas of the local countryside through the floor to ceiling glazing.

Rather than keeping the inside away from the outside, the windows fold open to allow the two worlds to meet. Below ground level, there is a grandparent’s bedroom, while a staircase directs you upwards to a high-level master bedroom. This room juts out from the property thanks to clever cantilevering.and the floor to ceiling windows on this level with a floating balcony offering the perfect place to enjoy romantic dusks with a drink or two.

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