Architect Gert Wingård designed an eco-retreat in the heart of the Swedish Sällehägnad forest called the Trakt Forest Hotel. It comprises five cabins elevated from the ground via eight pillars for immersive views of the surrounding topography.

Forget the stress of the city and enjoy a quiet and peaceful commune with nature at these cabins that Wingård called “floating rooms.” Each suite combines Scandinavian simplicity with luxury comforts. Every cabin has a panoramic window so it opens seamlessly into the woodland and the sky above. 

Despite its secluded setting, the Trakt Forest Hotel ensures guests’ comfort. It offers a main living room with a fireplace, a bathroom, a master bedroom, and skylights. Moreover, guests can partake in service packages including a drink, a bath in an outdoor hot tub, a bathrobe, and a towel. Likewise, a three-course dinner at the Trakt kitchen, one night in a forest suite, and breakfast.  

Hotel founders Sandra and Mattias Sälleteg opened the doors to this retreat in July 2022. They even named each cabin after local trees including Betula for the birch tree, which sits on the right side of the hill, and Tilia or linden. Then there’s Sorbus, which is Latin for rowan and has the highest elevation among all the suites it reaches the treetops. Then on the left side of the hill is Salix, Latin for Willow, followed by Ulmus, which translates to Elm.

A metal footpath leads up to each cabin in the Trackt Forest Hotel. Each suite is on pillars to minimize the impact on the surrounding nature while the construction only used sustainable materials including wood damaged by fire. Food served is also locally grown and produced. 

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Images courtesy of Trakt Forest Hotel