Many view golf as a relaxing sport that you play in the company of friends or solo. It can be if you have a motorized cart to move around in across the course. Others prefer to just walk around as a form of workout. Meanwhile, Topgolf is teasing a crazy idea by decking out a SUPER73 S2 with upgrades for the links.

The donor e-bike is a nimble and capable machine for urban cruising, but TopGolf has other plans. If it does leave the digital drawing board, this odd contraption might be a fun platform for golfers. They start off with the S2 frame which receives a fresh coat of green with details in white.

Topgolf badges in white are on each side of the battery cover. Even the saddle now flaunts a two-tone dark green/white upholstery and additional branding close to the tail. A detachable club bag rack, a pannier, golf-shaped Bluetooth speaker, and a cooler make it an enjoyable alternative to a regular golf cart.

Vee Speedster Whitewall tires warp around neon green rims with black spokes. There was no mention of performance enhancements, so it likely packs the same specifications as the regular SUPER73 S2. A 960 Wh battery should last more than 40 miles without pedal assist.

A triple LED Halo headlight and LED tail light should keep the game going even when the sky turns dark. The TopGolf S2 seems like a versatile ride that you can enjoy both on and off course. SUPER73 should seriously consider this quirky collaboration. Until that happens, this is a whimsical concept we can only hope to have.

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S2 Pedals S2 Saddle S2 Green

Images courtesy of Topgolf/SUPER73