TOPDON, a one-stop mobility diagnostics solutions provider, announced the launch of its TB6000Pro on Kickstarter last year, an innovative 2-in-1 battery testing and charging tool designed to assist both professional technicians and DIYers in making the reporting of their charging system more effective. Now it’s available on Amazon.

The crowdfunding program enabled TOPDON users to provide meaningful feedback and, allowed TOPDON to better align and improve products based on specific consumers.

“We are enthusiastic about launching our first crowdfunding program and utilizing our customers’ feedback to make better and more streamlined products for the future,” said Mike Zhou, Founder, TOPDON. “In recent years, crowdfunding has become increasingly more popular for well-established companies to use as an added product development tool. What once was a platform to collect money to fund projects has turned into an immersive way for brands to build awareness and personal connections with their customers, all in an effort to create a product that is effective and works for everyone.”

TOPDON’S TB6000Pro was designed to take two crucial battery tools and combine them into one concise, efficient unit, developed to assist users in identifying the health report of their entire charging system and to save time, money and space. The tool offers an industry-first nine-step smart charging mode, which displays a pre- and post-report data comparison to clearly indicate how much the battery has improved after being charged. The expert mode function gives users the ability to adjust more values within the 9 steps, such as current, voltage, pulse current, duration, and customize different modes to their desired settings.

Additionally, the TB6000Pro has the exclusive ability to charge and monitor a battery through the use of the app, allowing users to take advantage of battery charging during off-peak hours. By using the app and uploading their data, TOPDON can utilize their extensive database of automotive batteries to optimize the charging algorithm in real time and provide effective solutions with user-specific data.

The TB6000Pro is compatible with all types of 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries, 12V lithium batteries, and supports battery types including LI, WET, GEL, MF, CAL, EFB and AGM. The tool can be used in high temperatures, humid environments, and is water and dirt-proof. With smart safety features built in, users are protected against reverse polarities, sparks, short circuits, overheating and over-voltages.