ens are still incredibly important nowadays, even in the digital age we live in. We use them for taking notes, writing phone numbers down, and signing important papers. A good pen is needed, even if you have a smartphone/tablet. However, you need more and this is where tactical pens come into play.

You may have a fancy, robust, and refillable EDC pen on your person at all times. However, as the world has become a more digital place, it’s also become increasingly hostile.

We don’t want to be the harbingers of doom here or bring you all down with heavy talk, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that self-defense has become a bigger concern these days. Many are not fond of violence or don’t want to carry an actual weapon.

However, you may worry that might find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation one day. That said, it can help to have some line of protection.

That’s where a tactical pen can come in handy. For the uninitiated, a tactical pen is an EDC pen that doubles not only as a robust and durable writing implement but also a concealable weapon. This is legalized as it doesn’t actually officially count as a weapon.

The word “tactical” isn’t just put in the name as a joke. Tactical pens can be used in devastatingly effective ways, but they’re not classified in the same category as a knife or gun.

Although they all look very similar, tactical pens come in various sizes and materials. If you’re looking to tool up and get yourself one, how do you figure out which is the best tactical pen? Let us help!

In the following guide, we’ll go over the top 17 tactical pens available right now.

1) Smith and Wesson Aircraft Aluminum Refillable Tactical Pen

T6061 Aircraft Aluminum
5.4 inches

First on our list is this awesome little Smith and Wesson tactical pen. Smith and Wesson are obviously a name that most of you will associate with firearms, but they also make a stunning array of knives. That said, it’s no surprise that they’ve been making tactical pens for a number of years.

This particular tactical pen is a total of 5.4-inches in length and weighs just 1.6-ounces.

It’s hardly going to be very noticeable if you’re in a compromised position and your assailant thinks you’re unarmed. Using robust and highly durable T6061 aircraft aluminum, Smith and Wesson have created a pen that is more than worthy to carry their esteemed name.

Featuring a pocket clip and screw-off top, there’s a stylus at the end that makes using your table easier. This can also help to provide a well-timed and well-placed blow when necessary. As you’d expect, it’s refillable and can use Schmidt P900M Parker Style Black Ball Point cartridges.

This makes sure you’re never going to be caught short without a good pen to write with. On top of this, it’ll give you the proper appearance of a pen so no one knows it’s tactical until they cross you.

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  • Robust aluminum construction
  • Multi-functional tip
  • Discreet length and lightweight
  • Stylus could be better


2) MIL-TAC TDP2 Tactical Defense Pen 2 (Gray)

5.875 inches

The Mil-Tac Defense Pen is dashing and very well made. This has a very covert design that is perfect for law enforcement officers and military personnel. It could even work for the vigilantes out there. Made from tough aluminum, it has an anodized finish and comes in a variety of different colors.

With the rubber texturing and handle inserts, you’ll find it near impossible to lose your grip even in the most extreme weather conditions.

You have a choice of two tips. This is a plastic version that is perfect for use with tablets and smartphones and a stainless-steel striker tip that’s perfect for…we’re sure you can work that out.

The founder of MIL-TAC, Craig Sword, worked for 15 years with various outdoor sports enthusiasts, law enforcement officers. and military personnel. All before setting up the business in 2005 that we know today. That said, he knows a thing or two about designing and creating rugged, yet functional self-defense weapons and tools.

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  • Stainless steel striker
  • Slick design
  • Textured handle for enhanced grip
  • Could benefit from a light


3) Schrade Aluminum Refillable Tactical Pen

5.9 inches

Schrade is one of the names many people associate with tactical pens, and for good reason. They have a sterling reputation for making some of the finest on the market. This 5.9-inches model is a little bit longer and weightier than some of the others on our list, but benefits from a wide range of additional features.

With a screw-off top and pocket grip, you can keep this hidden until necessary. Not only is it a good pen, but you also get the benefit of four different survival and self-defense tools.

Break glass and give attackers a shock with the self-defense and glass break end. If you want to alert anyone to an attack, scare off an attacker, or find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere, there’s an emergency whistle at the bottom.

Furthermore, you might be stuck overnight somewhere or camping and run out of matches or a lighter. If this happens, you can use the included Ferro rod and striker plate to start a fire. You’re never completely alone with this pen.

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  • Tough glass breaker/self-defense point
  • Ferro rod and striker plate to make fires
  • Emergency whistle
  • Bits sometimes unscrew themselves


4) SureFire Writing Pen IV with Clicking Mechanism

5.8 inches

SureFire Pen IV is one of the best tactical pens on the market. What we really love about this is the fact that it features a retractable pen tip. Rather than having a cap that’ll only get lost eventually, you just tidily click the pen back inside its tough aluminum body when you’re not using it.

With its hard-anodized finish, it really looks like something a bit more than any just a pen. It uses Schmidt easyFLOW 900D ink cartridges for flawless flowing writing. On top of that, it has a sturdy steel clip to attach to your pocket.

What about emergencies that don’t require notes or your signature? The aluminum body and sharp tip provide you with the tactical advantage you need in those situations. A clear winner in our book.

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  • Simple, but slick and sexy design
  • Retractable ink tip
  • Tough steel pocket clip
  • Clicker could be improved


5) Boker Plus Tactical Pen

6.5 inches

Boker is a widely known and respected manufacturer of exceptionally high-quality knives. Based in Solingen, Germany, they’ve also branched out into the world of tactical pens in recent years. The Boker Plus is an excellent example of their design and construction prowess.

This is by far the longest and heaviest on our list so far, and not without good reason.

It has a sturdy aluminum body with a black anodized finish that’s checkered in design to provide a firm and confident grip. On the shaft end is where things get really interesting though. A stainless-steel insert can be used for it to make a makeshift Kubotan.

While not lethal, this will certainly leave a mark on anyone that steps to you. For the pen enthusiasts, it’s also been designed to take Fisher Space Pen refills. This means your writing will always be as impeccable and precise as your jabs at muggers and others looking to cause you trouble.

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  • Checkered body allows for better grip
  • Easy to switch tips
  • Hidden stainless steel insert for self defense
  • Need to hold cap in hand when you remove it


6) Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Machined steel
5.59 inches

The Gerber Impromptu tactical pen comes up in conversation again and again with those interested in self-defense and survivalism. Although it’s a little on the heavier side compared to others, it fits all the same in your pocket just like that Parker or Biro you use.

Unlike normal pens, it won’t let you down wherever you are and whatever the conditions are.

That’s partly thanks to its resilient and tough machined steel body and Cerakote coating. However, it’s also thanks to the fact it uses Rite in the Rain ink cartridges.

The retractable tip is nice because you don’t have the fuss of a cap. The real star of the show is the rather awesome tempered, machined-steel glass shattering tip. With the Impromptu tip, you can break a windshield or fend off an attacker easily.

What more can you ask for from a tactical pen?

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  • Machined steel body
  • Machined steel glass breaker tip
  • Rite in Rain ink Cartridges
  • Pocket clips is not always effective


7) Cold Steel Pocket Shark Marker and Defense Equipment

Grivory/high impact plastic
6.5 inches

With Cold Steel and Pocket Shark in its name, we’re sure you’re foaming at the mouth hoping that it’s as cool as it sounds. No need to worry, it really is. Although on the surface it may look like any other permanent marker, looks can be deceiving.

The body is four times thicker than other markers and uses the company’s own high impact polymer, glass reinforced Grivory.

It’s designed with impact in mind, and yes, we do mean THAT kind of impact as well as the rough and tumble of everyday use. You can actually use it as an effective Yawara stick to give a warning blow to anyone that tries to step to you.

The cap will also stay put when you slip it on to the bottom to use the pen as a self-defense tool. This is something not all models possess. The weight behind these tactical pens on top of a rather sophisticated and inconspicuous design makes it a must-have.

Plus, it comes in at a relatively low price point, so how could you not consider it, right?

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  • Extremely affordable
  • Thick high impact plastic body
  • Looks like a normal marker
  • May be too chunky for some


8) Uzi Tactical Pen

6.6 inches

We feel if you’re going to have a tactical pen, make sure it’s got a catchy name. That is exactly what we get with the Uzi tactical pen. Impressive in name, but even more so in the model itself.

Uzi has been designing and making products for the Special Forces, Secret Services, and Army since 1950. They are known for their high velocity and high-powered firearms usually, however. They decided to get into the tactical pens market to develop some crazy cool products.

You will make people wish they never bothered to try anything with the carbide glass breaker tip alone. This feature to the pen is not just there for self-defense, obviously. It can also be used to escape from windows either in cars or buildings.

Essential to have on you at all times, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

Oh, and when it comes to writing, it also does this very well. It’s compatible with both Fischer Space and standard refills to make this a great overall pen. These tactical pens look great and have a nice textured body for a superior grip, so how could you not love it?

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  • Lightweight
  • Extremely affordable
  • Tough carbide glass breaker tip
  • Retraction issues


9) Boker CID Cal.45 Titanium Tactical Pen

5 inches

The Boker Plus CID Cal.45 has been designed by esteemed knifemaker Thomas Braunagel and Rainer Wenning. Apart from the tremendous Boker branding was the inclusion of a bayonet-style mechanism. This makes it easier and smoother to shift use between a tactical and writing implement.

Made with precision from CNC-machined titanium, this is not only a marvel to look at, it’s a marvel to hold.

Once bayonet slide has been used, there’s a space to rest your thumb on the pen head. Among other things, this gives you more strength and control when you are defending yourself. If you’re fed up with hearing *click click click click click* constantly, fear not as the bayonet eliminates that hideous noise.

The pen also benefits from the CID or clip-integrated design which makes it much easier to store in your pocket.

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  • Looks and feels badass
  • Titanium construction
  • Bayonet-style sliding action
  • Might feel too lightweight for some


10) Valtcan Defender Titanium Tactical Pen Jet Bullet Design

6.1 inches

Despite its mid-price point, this is a beast of a tactical pen from Valtcan. It does well at hiding its array of different tools we know you’re going to love.

Valtcan is known for designing high-quality products, often with camping and outdoors as their theme. This Defender tactical pen with its jet bullet design is yet another example of their expertise. For actual use as a pen, it comes with two ballpoint refills and is compatible with the Cross 8518-4 and Lamy M21.

However, it’s the survival multi-tool and self-defense side that really rocks.

Not only do you get the glass breaker, but you also get a bottle opener, Allen key socket, slotted screwdriver, and emergency whistle. All in something just over 6-inches in length! The fact that it has a full titanium construction only sweetens the deal even more.

This is a must buy for those on a moderate budget.

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  • Multiple tools in one design
  • Robust titanium construction
  • Sublime design
  • Quite chunky



Aircraft-grade aluminum
5.25 inches

Sometimes, the most sublimely simple things, when executed perfectly, are the most spectacular. That’s what we’d say about this rather awesome piece of craftsmanship, the TDP-1 from MIL-TAC.

Again, MIL-TAC is most well-known for making pens and other tools and implements for law enforcement and military organizations. This model is firmly made with the police in mind. Using aircraft grade aluminum, it has an awesome type 3 anodizing finish at an incredibly small and lightweight design.

When operating as a pen or stylus, this will never let you down, but it’s much more than this.

As a tactical weapon for self-defense, it will never let you down either. There’s a pointed end that can be used as a self-defense tool that is relatively robust. Meanwhile, the opposite end is blunt and when used properly, it could make for a very effective control device.

If you have to overpower an attacker, rather than continuing to strike them, you could use the blunt end to get them to submit. These tactical pens are probably one of the most deceptive looking items featured in this guide, but also one of the most efficient.

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  • Blunt end can be used as control device
  • Sharp end for self defense
  • Tough aluminum construction
  • No glass breaker


12) Tuff Writer Operator Series Tactical Pen

Aircraft Grade Aluminum
6 inches

When you want to find an unassuming yet tremendous line of tactical pens, you may have found it in this Operator Series Defense Pen from Tuff Writer.  If you look up these tactical pens on YouTube, you’ll see it being used to decimate through wood blocks of various thickness, as if they were pieces of paper.

It may look like just a pretty pen, but trust us, it’s really a lot more. Look at the sharp point to it. Can you imagine that being driven purposely with force at your arm or wrist? That’d hurt a hell of a lot than some regular pen, trust us on that.

Although it’s only 1.6oz in weight, its thickness helps to give it some serious bulk. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, it’s a pen that will be with you for the long haul. It won’t give up just after one tussle or one major writing session, that’s for sure.

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  • Use of the Fischer space ink cartridge is a nice touch
  • Cute and curvy little devil
  • Nice and sharp stainless-steel tip
  • Quite pricey


13) Benchmade Titanium Pen

5.33 inches

Are all these black and gray pens giving you headaches? How about something with a bit of color instead? Take this Benchmade titanium tactical pen, for instance. Perhaps, you need more convincing that the pen could be physically and not just metaphorically mightier than the sword.

We feel that this Benchmade pen will do the trick.

It features an O-ring cap design that ensures that it snaps into place and keeps the ink from drying out. On the subject of the ink, this pen has been built to carry the awesome Fischer Space cartridge. This means it can function just about anywhere.

It might put you off that it’s over 3oz in weight. However, without that bit of bulk and that substantial feel in your hands, you may not feel ready to defend yourself. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in words or by action, so this is a necessary thing. The glass breaker tip is, as expected from an expert knife maker like Benchmade, very high quality.

We feel it would definitely take most assailants and opportunist thieves by surprise. The remainder of these tactical pens is just additional greatness for consumers.

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  • Fischer Space cartridge compatible
  • Cool blue and tough titanium construction
  • O-ring in cap for secure closure
  • Expensive


14) NiteCore NTP10 Titanium Pen

4.25 inches

We’d never insist on or recommend a product just based on the name alone. That being said…  NiteCore is an awesome brand name. It just has a real gritty feel to it, although it does remind us of that incredibly annoying musical ‘genre’.

The NTP10 has a carved smooth body that has been formed from titanium alloy. This is associated with the clip that ensures it is incredibly tough, yet exceptionally lightweight. At under 1-ounce in weight, no-one could argue with just how light this actual pen is.

NiteCore has treated this pen as if it were a work of art.

This pen truly delivers on the business end of things. It has been designed to use Fischer Space pen cartridges. This makes you feel positive that it’ll continue working whether you’re hanging on the pull-up bars at the gym or in the back of a trunk.

While we assume you won’t be in the trunk, you could use this pen ideally to get out. That is how tough it is. There is a tip that has been formed with tungsten steel that’ll help you break glass windows even. It’ll also help you defend against or inflict a warning shot on an attacker. It could do some real damage too.

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  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Toughened and sharp tungsten steel tip
  • Compatible with Fischer Space Pen cartridges
  • Could benefit with another inch or two


15) Valvtev Tactical Pen

5.8 inches

Most want a good pen that’ll allow them to sign checks, contracts, and get or give phone numbers out in style. However, they also want a good self-defense tool as well. These tactical pens by Valvtev are certainly going to fit what you truly want.

As a writing pen alone, this is a terrific design for the price.

Add to that the fact that it’s a three-in-one tool and you have a nice little bargain on your hands. Along with a pen capable of handling Park Quinkflow P900M and Space cartridges, this is also a glass breaker and non-lethal defense instrument.

Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, the Valvtev is a sturdy piece of engineering. For under $10, it benefits from being incredibly affordable. Especially when you consider how much these tactical pens offer you.

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  • Glass breaker, great pen and effective tactical tool
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Striking gold color
  • Cap tends to fit poorly


16) 5.11 Double Duty Pen


To be completely fair to 5.11, although it does look pen-ish, we think this is the most weapon-y looking item in our guide. We don’t mean that like it’s a bad thing as It kinda has a cool lethal look to it. Although we do have to admit, the damage it would do to anyone would be minimal.

As a writing implement, it’s a good tool to have in your bag. However, it truly comes to life as a self-defense device.

The very classy matte finish is reason enough to apply that phrase ‘it’s always the quiet ones’. No-one would see it coming until well it had come. When it does, hopefully, you won’t have to perform the crane kick like Daniel-san in The Karate Kid. “Hopefully.”

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  • Aluminum construction
  • Slick and cool design
  • Subtle black matt finish
  • No glass breaker or other tools


17) Columbia River Knife & Tool Tao 2 Tactical Pen

5.3 inches

Our final pen in this guide is the Columbia River Knife & Tool Tao 2 Tactical Pen. The CRKT Tao 2 may just look like a normal, stylish, but nothing special pen. However, it’s a pen that was designed and created by a Recon Marine, so you know that it’s not going to just be “normal.”

Plus, our guide wouldn’t be much of a guide to tactical pens by having just any old pen. It’s a fine writing implement that will give you many hours of use and can be refilled to your heart’s content. You can use it upside down, underwater, in boiling hot temperatures or the freezing cold of the harshest winter.

However, this pen is a winner once the overall pen use is done and we move toward its tactical side. Thanks to the O-ring, there’s no screw-top to deal with. You quickly remove it and then put the cap to the end with the sharp end pointing towards anyone looking to cause you problems.

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  • Tough self-defense tool
  • Great writing tool
  • Looks awesome
  • Minor cap issues


What are the Main Things to Consider when Buying Tactical Pens?

There are a spectacular amount of choices is in the tactical pen area of the marketplace. That said, it’s worth looking at the things that make a great tactical pen great. Since we’re never going to want to leave you without knowledge of a product, we felt it would be best to discuss these a bit.

While it won’t be massively in-depth, you’ll have a better understanding of them by the time you go through the list. That said, let’s discuss, shall we?

Weight and Size:

Tactical pens need to be inconspicuous and concealable, so weight and size are important. Most are roughly the same size as a normal ballpoint pen. The weight needs to strike the right balance between being lightweight and easy to carry, but substantial enough to be useful in an emergency.

The biggest thing we need to see out of them is that they have the appearance of a normal pen as much as the function of one. They must function like one but they cannot be completely like one. In that they have to be weighted a bit differently just to allow you to use them for their other features.

The best will make you question if they’re a normal pen or not. However, the ones that differ from this are often close enough to the real thing that very few will know the difference.

Body Material:

The above is likely to be influenced by this next aspect, the material used to make the body of the pen. A great self-defense pen is one that is lightweight and thus easy to carry. However, you want it to be robust enough that it can deliver the right kind of impact when necessary.

You’ll find most of the best pens are made from stainless steel and aluminum, or even titanium. This allows the tactical pens to hold up well in most circumstances. Clearly, you want them to be able to when that is kind of their job, right?


If a pen designed for emergencies and self-defense, could it be useful if it’s on the floor? If the pen slips out of your hand when trying to use it, then it is no longer of use to you. This can be a huge problem, so you want to make sure the grip is perfect.

You also want to make sure it’s perfectly comfortable to hold too.

When an object is hard to hold or even painful, chances are the hold won’t last long. To avoid this, tactical pens are often made with some padding for your fingers. Remember, this has to be easy to write with as well. Therefore, it cannot be an issue in comfort at any point.

This can affect grip as much as anything really.

Ink Cartridge:

Let’s not forget in all the excitement of handling attackers like John McClane that these pens are special. However, they have no right to call themselves a pen if it can’t actually write. That said, you need to make sure it has a good quality ink cartridge. To some, this may not mean much.

However, the idea of a tactical pen is to appear like a pen only then to be used as anything but. Due to this, if you do not have any ink in the thing…how can it function like it’s supposed to? Be sure to always keep it inked up, otherwise, there won’t be a point in the thing.

Pen Tip:

The tip of any pen is a crucial aspect to consider because you want anything you write with it to be crisp and easy to read. Likewise, if you’re in a bad part of the neighborhood and want to feel safe, you’ll want a tactical pen that has a sharp point. You don’t want something that’ll tickle attackers.

Of course, you still want to make sure the dang thing can write afterward too. The pen tip needs to be useful, otherwise, it’s not really a pen anymore.

Self-Defense Features:

It would be utterly ridiculous to not mention this aspect at all. They’re all different, so they all have different self-defense features. Most will feature a sharp point that can be used for delivering a sharp blow while even glass can be broken by most.

We’ve spoken about a number of them and will continue to highlight more here as the guide moves along.

However, a great thing to keep in mind is that this is merely an object to aid you in protecting yourself. If someone has a gun, you don’t need to push things. Do not attempt to bring a tactical pen to a gun fight. We cannot stress enough that protecting yourself is important.

However, a gun is far more deadly.

That means when using one of these tactical pens, you need to know the right time to use its self-defense side. That is just as important as any feature on this list. You’re using the pen, therefore you’re the one in control of it and its use is literally in your hands.

Don’t attempt to use it at the wrong time.

What are Some of the Features and Benefits of Tactical Pens?

As noted a few times already, a tactical pen is called such for a reason. There’s more to one of these slick and compact beauties than meets the eye. Although tactical pens are different from one another, there’s many common features and benefits you should look out for, including:

Glass Breaker:

Probably the one thing that unifies all tactical pens, the glass breaker usually consists of a precisely sharpened tip of steel. Although you may not need the ability to break glass in everyday life, there may come times when you need to escape from somewhere or help someone else escape quickly.

If you’re involved in a car accident or house fire, you need to get out. First responders often use glass breakers to get you out. That said, having a tactical pen with that functionality can be useful.

Makeshift Knife:

As noted in the previous section, the tip of a tactical pen is very sharp. This means you can write neatly and clearly. It also serves to double up like a knife if you find yourself in trouble. These particular pens have a point in the pen that you may use to write, but unlike other pens, the point is made with hardened material.

Like a knife, they can ideally stab into things if they need to. Other pens and pencils, regardless of how sharp they are, may break upon impact. These pens do not do this easily. That is why the makeshift knife side of things is not only true, but it very well could be as impactful as a small knife when used by the right person.

LED Flashlight:

You can never have too many flashlights, can you? The great thing is then that many tactical pens feature a flashlight, normally in the bottom. This is obviously handy if you’re trying to find a keyhole in the dark or just need a discreet level of illumination.

This is a favorite feature among outdoor types who carry one around while camping. Ideally, you need a bigger flashlight but it can do the trick. It’s also great to have for your car at nighttime when you’re looking for something on the floor and the overhead light cannot seem to illuminate enough of the vehicle.

Firestarter/Ferro Rod and Striker:

This is fairly self-explanatory, Ferro rods or ferrocerium rods are the favored fire starter of many survivalists and outdoor types. It produces sparks over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit when it’s struck against a sharp edge or rough surface. Some but not all tactical pens include this handy feature.

It’s truly quite amazing to see one at work. You mostly just need a rock and some dry kindling below to catch the spark. While not all have them, those that do will ask you to be careful in the directions. Keep in mind, it can start a fire. Hitting it up against your desk at work could be problematic, obviously.

You’d hate to burn down the entire office….again.

Writing in all Conditions and Positions:

Something we’ve not touched upon yet that also sets a tactical pen apart from ordinary pens is the fact that most are designed to function well in various weather conditions. Some of them can do so from any position they are in.

Law enforcement officers and other first responders need a pen that’ll enable them to make notes in time-sensitive situations. They need to do so even if it’s below freezing or pouring down rain. Tactical pens often provide that level of flexibility.

DNA Collector:

We’re not even joking here, as many can actually do it. Thanks to the design of the sharp pointed end, any blood from your attacker or assailant that you get on your pen can be taken to the authorities. It can then be used to track them down. Imagine being the guy who caught someone by using this pen to help identify them.

We’re not saying you’ll get a key to the city or anything. However, we’re not saying that they won’t throw you a parade. Just avoid the knife or pen float for obvious reasons.

How do I Use a Tactical Pen?

We’re not about to teach you guys how to write using a pen. We’re going to assume right off the bat that you know how to do that. If you cannot, how are you even reading this? Instead, you may be curious about the different ways you can actually use a tactical pen.

We don’t blame you there, as there are multiple popular ways they are used.

This list of a few things will break down the most common ways the tactical pens are used. It should, ideally, give you a better idea of what to do with one.

Breaking Glass:

It’s fair to say that strength, the right technique, and some patience is required for one of the most remarkable uses of a tactical pen. If possible, do it with gloved hands and grip the pen firmly and aim for one of the window pane corners. The temptation would be to go for the middle of the glass like the movies, we know, it seems so cool!

However, you’re more likely to shatter and shock the window striking the corner. This will also help you to clear the glass more effectively than if you put your hand through the middle. You’re also less likely to do yourself an injury this way. Keep in mind, glass for most windows is made to be relatively strong.

That means the middle of the glass will likely be the hardest to break. Meanwhile, the sides are often easier because they are not the main focus of the window. Thus, you’ll have an easier time breaking it. On top of this, if you did break the middle, there is a good shot that the glass would not completely shatter.

Rather, it’ll come in pieces at you and cut you up.

Like a Knife:

If you flip the pen upside down and jab at an assailant, a tactical pen with a sharp nib will have a similar, yet not as deadly impact as a knife. Ideally, you’re aiming to shock them or impair them enough so you can get free. If used properly, tactical pens have even been known to do serious damage to eyes and other sensitive areas.

Tactical pens may also have a small knife attachment that can be a little sharper than a letter opener. While the pen part itself acts as the mini-knife for most, ones with knife attachments offer more protection. It’s not quite like a Swiss Army Knife in this use, but it may feel like that.

The idea is that it acts as self-defense.

Since this is not a type switchblade, just concealed, it is completely legal to carry in all 50 states. This may not be the case in other countries, however.

Like a Sword or Stick:

Although similar to the above, holding your tactical pen in a different position will give it a different impact when you use it to defend yourself. A quick wave across the face or a wrist or even exposed chest could be enough to ward off an attacker or at least take them by surprise enough that you can make an escape.

These pens are often made with some extremely strong material. We referred to the materials above, so you’re quite aware of this. That means they can be useful in defending against prospective knife attacks with one. If you hit someone with it in the chest or face, for example, you’d do as much damage to them as a small bat.

This is some heavy-duty material you’re playing with, remember.

As a Light:

Many tactical pens have LED flashlights and they are normally very easy to use. You simply press on the light, which will usually be easy to find on the pen. Once turned on, you’ll have a mini burst of bright illumination.

Now you know what to look for when buying tactical pens. You’re updated on the basic features, benefits, and even how to use one.

Call that a Tactical Pen? This is a Tactical Pen!

If you’re getting ready to buy a new pen, yet you’re also concerned about your personal safety, you need one of the great tactical pens listed in this guide. Hopefully, you’ve got a better idea now of what’s out there and what you can get for your budget.

You know the things you need to consider when looking to buy a tactical pen and different kinds of features there are available out there.

Our advice, as it would be for most products, is to figure out what you really want from a tactical pen. Is the area you live really rife with muggings or have you recently had a bad experience and feel you need to ‘tool up’?

Or are you just looking to invest in a good quality pen that will write under several different conditions that’ll also provide you with protection when you face danger?

Once you work that out, the kind you’ll need will be easy to look for. Hopefully, you pick one of the 17 tactical pens on our list. Trust us when we say this is the best of the best, which is something we’ll always provide at Men’s Gear.