Why do you need a safe? Many people use one to protect their valuables and money to give them peace of mind. Some for security, and to ensure safety from thieves. Yet what if these thieves don’t have hands? What if they can’t be caught? What if they come and go without warning and disappear? These thieves don’t wear masks or special gloves, they come in form of fire. This means fireproof safes or even fire-resistant safes are far more useful to you than a normal safe.

On average, there are nearly 360,000 fires per year in the United States. When a fire strikes in your home, you need to get out as quickly as possible. Sometimes, that means leaving some of your most treasured possessions behind which you can only pray and plead will survive.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Instead of resigning yourself to losing precious memories, important documents, and information, you can take that power back!

Getting your hands on a fire resistant safe is the best way to help you sleep soundly at night knowing that everything you’ve ever owned and loved will be safe from all sorts of disasters that can strike without warning.

Paranoid about the worst or just want to ensure everything stays protected, there’s no better way of easing those worries and ensure your memories and vital information can be saved than a fireproof safe. Now, let’s pick the lock of potential fireproof safes to give you better peace of mind, and more secure possessions.



1) SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Safe

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

Up first in our list of the best fireproof safes on the market today, we present you with SentrySafe’s Fireproof and Waterproof Safe. This product comes with both key and combination lock and is designed to withstand heats of up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour.

It’s also able to survive full submersion for 24 hours. You can set your own digital combination for extra security, and it’s packed with four live-locking bolts that ensure that your belongs stay secure.

Inside, there’s an additional safety chest for storing extra-important documents. These things can be moved either higher or lower to accommodate other items, giving extra space. However, it comes with a large enough size to fit things like birth certificates, passports, and house deeds without needing to fold them over and risk curling the edges.

If safety is a priority for you and your family, then you want a safe you can rely on that offers excellent double-factor protection. The SentrySafe model is the perfect fire-resistant safe for you.

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  • Can endure 1 hour at 1700 degree Fahrenheit
  • Digital combination and second locking key
  • Maximum of three PINs
  • Very spacious
  • Plastic dial feels cheap
  • Prone to dampness inside


2) First Alert Waterproof Fire Chest

Brand Name
First Alert
Model Number
Product Weight

If you’re looking for fireproof safes that are also waterproof and don’t take up too much room, then the First Alert Waterproof Fire Chest is definitely something to consider. This chest can survive against flames of up to 1550 Fahrenheit for half an hour.

It also has a waterproof seal that protects even after complete submersion in lakes, oceans or the bathtub.

While not as large as some people might like, you can still fit regular, letter-sized documents within the safe with ease and not have to worry about folding them to keep them safe. Complete with a digital lock, you only have to concern yourself with remembering the combination and not losing a key.

To give a bit of control, it comes with a digital override system just in case of emergencies. This may not be the largest safe around, but it is ideal for storing smaller items and will fill you with confidence.

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  • Super simple set up
  • Spacious and sturdy
  • Fire resistant up to 1300 F for 30 minutes
  • Programmable lock with emergency override keys
  • No carry handle
  • Maybe too small for some needs


3) Steelwater Fireproof Home and Document Safe

Brand Name
Steelwater Gun Safes
Model Number
Product Weight

Fire resistant for two hours at 1850 Fahrenheit, the Steelwater Fireproof Home and Document Safe might just be the sturdiest safe we’ve included on this list. It weighs a whopping 125lbs and includes shelves and storage trays to make organization easier for you.

The keypad can be reprogrammed up to four times, with combinations that can be as short as four digits or as long as 16. This is so easy to do you’ll feel like a safe-cracking genius. Though we do not advise you get into that line of work, we’ve heard it has low (job)security and no protection(of benefits).

It contains two layers of durable steel that provide extra protection against fire. In addition, these fireproof safes can be secured to the ground with a pre-drilled anchor hole to prevent anyone running off with it. Even in the event of a burglary. It isn’t waterproof, so don’t rely on it to survive a flood.

However, if you live somewhere that rain feels like nothing but a myth, then this shouldn’t be an issue. Ask Californians, they’ll swear by this safe.

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  • Super heavy duty for excellent protection
  • Easy to use
  • Fast reprogramming if required
  • All-steel for guaranteed safety
  • Not too heavy to be carried away if not secured to the ground
  • No pre-drilled holes for attachment


4) First Alert Waterproof and Fire Resistant Bolt-Down Safe

Brand Name
First Alert
Model Number
Product Weight

This First Alert Waterproof and Fire Resistant Bolt-Down Safe is durable and possibly uncrackable. It even looks just like what you’ve seen in the movies. Be prepared to get out your stethoscope (we’ve all got one of those lying around, right?) and prepare to crack the code.

These fireproof safes have been designed with a Ready-Seal system that offers the final line of defense from fire, water, and theft. It even offers useful pry-proof hinges that prevent anyone getting in.

With nearly 1 cubic foot of capacity, it’s large enough so that you can store a variety of different valuables from jewelry to electronics. This means you can ensure they’ll remain safe and sound after an unfortunate disaster at home. It can be opened using a pre-set combination on the dial, so you might be put off if you like to personalize your safes.

However, if a pre-set makes life easier for you, then look no further.

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  • Substantial room inside
  • Metal combination wheel
  • Can be bolted to the floor
  • Indent handle in back to aid carrying
  • Combination lock comes preset with no way to alter
  • Plastic handle instead of metal


5) SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Box with Key Lock

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

SentrySafe have developed these super-effective fireproof safes to provide you with endless peace of mind that you can set your house aflame and still have everything remain secure. Please don’t do that, though, fire is no joke, dude. This box is an excellent way of keeping smaller items and valuables safe from damage.

It is lightweight enough to be transported with ease when moving around and has a handle for secure gripping.

For your convenience, it comes with a tubular key that adds an extra layer of security (because who uses tubular keys?). Meanwhile, its mechanism will prevent it opening during a fire to avoid exposing your items to the flames.

Don’t let it’s size deceive you, it’s still an excellently durable product that will ensure document safety during a disaster.

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  • Perfect for storing digital media, small valuables, and important docs
  • East to open and close (for you!)
  • Heavy duty for added protection
  • Organizer in a safe lid
  • Space restrictions for larger items
  • Can break open if dropped from a considerable height.


6) AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

These fireproof safes are developed by Amazon and are considered to be a great budget solution to solving your safe seeking needs. It’s available in a variety of sizes so you’re sure to find something that will suit your needs.

It’s also fully compliant with the famous UL standards that make it highly effective for storing precious documents that could otherwise be lost to fires. The electronic keyboard allows for fast and easy access (for you, not thieves), and there’s even potential for a backup key when the main combination slips your mind. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Inside, there’s an adjustable shelf that can help you optimize space and make the safe your own. Meanwhile, the padded interior adds that extra, essential layer of protection against fires and works alongside the durable steel to provide excellent results even in times of safety.

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  • Simple to use locking mechanism
  • Excellent price for what it does
  • Fully compliant with safe standards
  • Back-up key for emergencies
  • Flimsy plastic electronic keyboard
  • Door doesn’t shut tightly


7) First Alert Fire Chest

Brand Name
First Alert
Model Number
Product Weight

Small, slim, compact, and portable, here’s a Fire Chest that’ll ensure excellent security for any smaller items you have lying around the house. You know, the ones that always feel like they could perish a little too quickly for your liking. At .017 cubic feet, it’s one of the smaller safes on this list.

However, that doesn’t make it any less effective.

It is perhaps the best small fireproof safe you can find for keeping your important information, documents, and storage devices safe. In addition, it can withstand temperatures as high as 1550 Fahrenheit, allowing it to last in most house fires. It comes with a useful clamping latch for increased security that prevents it from popping open during fires.

The most important thing we can mention beyond them is that these are not fireproof safesTechnically, they are not safes at all.

Anyone hoping it’ll keep their valuable protected from thieves may be disappointed. Instead, recognize it as what it is: a fire chest, designed to protect from fires, and it does that better than anyone might expect. It counts as a fire-resistant safety device, which is why we listed it.

However, labels aside, it’s useful for more than many assume.

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  • Compact and portable design
  • Clamping-style lock to secure valuables
  • 2 entry keys for added security
  • Can withstand up to 30 minutes of 1550 Fahrenheit
  • Prone to dampness
  • Cannot be attached to solid surfaces (wall, floor, etc.)


8) SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Dial Combination Safe

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

Featuring six live-locking bolts, you can rest assured your documents, valuables, and additional precious possessions will stay safe. The SentrySafe Dial Combination Safe offers enough room to keep a King’s ransom of jewelry and memories.

These fireproof safes also have storage trays for easy organization and a fast retrievable if a fire strikes.

The pre-set dial (which some may prefer, others not so much), provides that crucial layer of security that separates good safes from great safes, and this is truly a great safe. There are no pre-drilled holes, so you’ll have to do that yourself if you’re concerned about it growing legs and walking off,

However, it still makes it an excellent safe for either your home or office that will protect from anything that might try getting in. Whether human or element, you can be sure that your stuff will stay secure.

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  • UL classified fire protection
  • Seals tight and firm
  • Very spacious inside
  • Adjustable and sturdy shelf
  • Handle will sometimes stick
  • Cannot choose your own default combination


9) SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Cubic Safe

Brand Name
Model Number
Product Weight

SentrySafe’s motto is Providing Protection for the Things that Matter. You’re unlikely to find something that does this as effectively as their fireproof and waterproof Cubic Safe. It’s secured with a key lock system for safety and can hold up against half an hour of 1550F flames at the exterior.

It also offers at least 72 hours of water protection, making it a veritable one-stop-shop for excellent document and file security.

The lid comes with elastic straps to make organization simple and straightforward, while the area inside the chamber is designed to accommodate hanging files for things like medical records, school stuff, and more. Although these aren’t included.

It passed various safety tests and it’s lightweight enough for you to pick up and run when you need to. These fireproof safes can be the answer to your security woes whenever you need it.

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  • Can endure half an hour at 1550F and 72 hours of water submersion
  • Straps for easy storage
  • Can keep USBs, hard drives and other digital storage items safe
  • Hanging file capabilities
  • Keys prone to breaking
  • No backup security system


10) First Alert Cubic Fire and Water Safe

First Alert
Model Number
Product Weight

These First Alert fireproof safes protect against both fire and water. It offers a fire resistance up to 1550F, and waterproofing even when fully underwater. The latter thanks to its special seal that will keep documents and other items dry against all odds.

A smaller safe that’s no less useful, it can fit standard, letter-size documents without damaging the edges. It will fit handily on shelves or under beds for fast recovery. This makes it perfect for college dorms, smaller apartments, and more.

Provided with two keys to save your scatterbrained self, it has a clamping lock mechanism that gives extra security and prevents it opening under duress. However, as useful as this safe is, it’s perhaps not as effective as others due to not having a carry handle.

However, you can still easily pick it up and carry it to safety if the need arises.

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  • Button release for convenient access
  • Durable construction to protect against fire
  • Large enough to fit letter-sized documents
  • Waterproof seal protects even when fully submerged
  • No inner drawers
  • No carry handle


11) SentrySafe Extra Small Fire Safe Chest

Model Number
Product Weight

Sometimes you just don’t need a safe that will take up half of your bedroom floor. Sometimes the best protection is achieved by a safe that can be stored wherever you like, and as discreetly as possible. Fireproof safes are best when you don’t have to worry about your belongings.

Yet you also want space, due to possibly a limited amount in your home being available.

SentrySafe’s Small Fire Safe chest can do exactly this and allows for versatility in storage that you can’t get with larger safes in this list.

It’s the perfect size for keeping passports and emergency cash, as well as any valuables that you and your family couldn’t deal with getting stolen. Don’t be put off by how compact it is, as it’s still pretty heavy for such a small safe. This will make it harder to run off with.

Take advantage of its size and keep it somewhere that even you might not know about. Heck, make a game of it, but still be confident that your items are going to be kept protected from the flames.

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  • Fire resistant up to 1550F
  • Carrying grips for easy portability
  • Compact size for concealment
  • Too small for important documents


12) Honeywell Fire Resistant Safe Box

Honeywell Safes & Door Locks
Model Number
Product Weight

Looking very much like your traditional safety deposit box, Honeywell’s Fire Resistant Safe Box is unassuming yet effective in doing exactly what you need it to do. However, it’s not a complex safe, there are no wires, cables, or keypads here,

Instead, just a straightforward key lock allows you to get in quickly when you need to.

For some, this is just what they need. It has a foam padded floor to offer extra protection for anything you keep in there, as well as prevent the jingle-jangle of coins and other metallic objects. There’s also a carry handle for portability.

Furthermore, it’s concealed hinge makes it difficult for breaking into. Although, that does not mean it is impossible to do. The steel casing is sure to offer excellent protection from fires should they come sweeping in. While not considered by many to be an equal to fireproof safes, basic lockboxes like this that are fire resistant are tremendous.

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  • Ideal for cash management
  • Convenient carry handle for easy portability
  • Foam padded floor to keep valuables in top condition
  • Durable steel casing
  • Unreliable lock
  • Easily pried open with everyday butter knives


13) SentrySafe Fireproof, Waterproof Key Lock Box

Model Number
Product Weight

Small fireproof safes that are as heavy duty as they appear, the Key Lock Box from SentrySafe is resistant to 1550F flames. It also offers at least 72 hours of submersion following flooding or just dropping it off the side of a boat.

This includes excellent protection during the most unpredictable conditions. It also comes with two keys that allow that additional stage of protection from thieves.

The gasket seal makes for a secure closing system, which can be a challenge to open for some. However, without it, you’d find it would not provide the protection to help avoid water damage. These fireproof safes are small but secure, making them worth the buy at the end of the day.

SentrySafe’s Key Lock Box is ideal for keeping small items, documents, and electronics safe when you go on vacation. The biggest thing they offer is simply peace of mind, knowing items will be secure.

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  • Flatlock key prevents the lid from opening
  • Carrying handle for easy transportation
  • Flood and fireproof
  • UL classified
  • On the small side if you’re looking to keep lots of valuables
  • Concrete hinge can make it vulnerable


14) FireKing SureSeal Fireproof Waterproof Safe Chest

Model Number
Product Weight

With a name like SureSeal, you better hope that these fireproof safes provide exactly that. Luckily, FireKing Safe chest is both fireproof and waterproof to offer excellent protection. To achieve this, it contains two compression latches that provide one of the most secure safes on this list,

It also includes a terrific and helpful carry handle that allows for fast and simple portability. In the event of flooding, it is guaranteed to float while also keeping everything protected.

The interior offers plenty of room for electronics, documents, and more. All while still giving you enough room to add more if needed. You can also keep hanging files there, which is crucial for retaining medical information and similar reports.

A certified buy-it-for-life product, you never need to worry about losing your valuables, documents and favorite CDs (retro, dude) to disaster.

Feel sure with the seal, and take that next protective step for all you hold dear. Fireproof safes are hard to find for an “everything” situation. However, FireKing didn’t do a bad job offering one that could fit that genre.

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  • 30 minute UL Fire rating
  • Protects DVDs, CDs, USBs and more from external fire threats
  • Floats in even of a flood
  • Perfect size for filing important documents
  • A bit light compared to other safes
  • No possibility of attaching to the ground


15) SentrySafe Extra Large Digital Fire Safe

Model Number
Product Weight

These fireproof safes provide a substantial amount of space inside that makes it an excellent addition to your home. It will surely give you endless peace of mind by protecting things you hold dear. Well, except for your family and favorite golf clubs.

The safe will fit comfortably inside and remain protected even during the harshest disasters. You might think you don’t need a massive safe, however, we find a lot of people do. Most people can store certain beloved items away in smaller fireproof safes. However, most others have more than a few prized possessions.

This is not for the richest among us only. It could be that older couple down the street or the single mother next door.

SentrySafe provides some of the best fire protection that we’ve seen. This safe can stay strong and stable against temperatures as high as 1700F for one hour of exposure. However, we’d hope that the fire is extinguished long before that time.

With solid steel construction, you’ll have further protection from thieves. This is backed up by four live-bolts to act as a greater deterrent, although they can still run off with it if they’ve got the arms for it.

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  • Advanced 1-hour fire protection
  • Programmable lock with four live-locking bolts
  • Spacious interior
  • Pry-resistant hinge bar
  • No mount holes
  • Potential for rust problems


16) Honeywell Waterproof Safe Box Chest

Honeywell Safes & Door Locks
Model Number
Product Weight

Constructed with a strong lock and reliable latch, this Honeywell Waterproof Safe Box Chest is a product that you can rely on. Featuring dual compression locks in addition to the central key lock system, this chest will serve you well when wanting to protect passports, documents, and USB sticks.

It’s been designed to withstand fires up to 1700 Fahrenheit and comes with a 100-hour waterproof seal for guaranteed protection in the event of a disaster. Though they harp on the waterproof nature, even in the name, these are on a list of fireproof safes for a good reason.

That is truly due to the heat they can take and how long.

Inside, there’s ample storage space so that you can keep the whole family’s documents safe from external threats. Meanwhile, the durable carry handle makes it easy to grab and transport when rushing to get out. Attached to the lid are hinges that help to keep it upright when sorting through.

This provides support to ensure long-lasting results. Not too big, but not too small, Honeywell has developed something that’s just right.

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  • Strong lock
  • Excellent, reliable latch
  • Solid and heavy duty
  • Large enough to store important documents and other items
  • Uncomfortable carry handle
  • Potential for interior mold


17) Steelwater 2-Hour Fireproof Home and Document Safe

Steelwater Gun Safes
Model Number
Product Weight

Our final fireproof home safe is Steelwater’s 2-Hour design which is secured with a preset dial combination for your security in addition to the key lock. It also features an anchor hole in the base to ensure further protection from those breaking and entering that will assert yours and your family’s peace of mind.

It comes with two layers of steel, not plastic, that provide excellent fire protection for both door and walls. In addition, it ensures that it can withstand whatever the heat throws at it.

These large fireproof safes also come with a storage tray that can be used to hold smaller important information and items including credit cards and family heirlooms. Using dual rectangular bolts on the door, it’s essentially impossible to get into without the right key or combination.

Furthermore, with no batteries required, this is a super convenient safe that won’t fail you no matter the situation. It’ll provide endless days, weeks, and years of security when you need it the most.

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  • Fire resistant up to 1850F
  • 2 layers of steel for increased document protection
  • Combination Dial
  • Active rectangular locking bolt
  • Only one pre-drilled hole
  • Cannot reset initial combination


What are the main things to consider when buying fire resistant or fireproof safes?

Keeping your valuables, documents and other sensitive items safe is the number one concern when buying a fireproof safe. However, it’s not enough just to buy any old metal box. You need to do your homework and think about what you’re going to use the safe for before you buy.

To make this easier to search through fireproof safes without messing up and getting the wrong one, we wanted to help. That said, here are the most important things to consider when buying a fireproof or fire resistant safe.


Fireproof safes vary in size from the very small to the huge. This gives you some variety in what you can fit inside the safe and can impact what you’re going to use it for. If you simply need a storage solution for important documents, USB drives containing pictures and videos, and small valuables like jewelry, then you don’t need a huge safe.

On the other hand, larger safes will be needed for things like larger paper documents, physical videos, and anything else you can think of without risking folding or curling up at the edge. This is also incredibly useful to remember for more than just need of space. While these safes might be fireproof or fire resistant, they are not free of getting warm to hot.

This can bleed into some smaller safes especially. While nothing will catch on fire, there are times the heat on the safe resulted in slight burns to the edges of papers or anything else that has easy combustion. This is why it’s crucial to know what you need a safe for before getting it. This can make all the difference.

Moisture Protection:

When it comes to keeping your documents and other items protected inside fireproof safes, you must keep something in mind. There’s little more demoralizing than opening it one day only to find moisture has – somehow – breached inside and ruined everything.

Yes, everything.

This can happen far more than people realize, especially with smaller safes. The moisture these safes basically have internally is one of the things that help your stuff from being burned.

While you’ll no doubt be smart and have backups of the backups of your backups (and so on), this can still be a major bummer. How do you protect from moisture? Using silica gel like what you find in new pairs of shoes is useful, and will stop you throwing them away, while mothballs also work well.

Not all safes will succumb to mold and moisture, but it’s best to air on the side of caution when purchasing a new safe, just in case. This is particularly an issue for older safes, which is why you should always keep a check on them and your items every few weeks or so.

Drilled Holes:

Drill holes are great for securing the safe to a floor or wall and will stop thieves from running off with it easily. Some safes come with pre-drilled holes already, others come with perhaps one or two, and some with none at all.

If you’re using your safe for keeping precious valuables or hundreds of thousands of dollars, then you’ll want to invest in one that can be bolted down and secured properly.

Otherwise, it might end up in the wrong hands far too easily. One of the most common issues robbers face is trying to unlock a safe, and since they’re so heavy they’ll usually be unable to take them. However, they’re not above it if the safe is small enough.

Sometimes they can take a larger one with more than one robber. Either way, having a tough to crack safe bolted to the floor means they’re not going to get to your valuables without having to make a noise that’ll wake the whole neighborhood.

Maximum Temperature:

Newsflash: Fire gets hot. We know you know, but this means that you need to think carefully about the maximum temperature resistance for your safe. There are safes that can withstand heat as high as 1850 Fahrenheit, which is really hot and just over 1000 Celsius for those outside the United States.

You want to know you can rely on the safe to stay strong even during rains of hellfire and brimstone. This is why finding the one with the maximum temp you can be ideal.

This doesn’t take into account what’s inside. Documents such as passports, birth certificates, and deeds to the house can survive at 350F interior temperature. However, electronics like your collection of holiday photos that you downloaded from Facebook and placed onto a USB can only stay safe up to 125F.

Be sure that the safe offers adequate protection inside as well as out. Both will be labeled with any safe you buy, if it doesn’t, do not buy it.

Locking Mechanisms:

Commercial safes contain two primary types of locking methods: combination locks and keys. Selecting which type of locking mechanism you want will entirely depend on what you’re intending to keep in there. Combination locks mean you don’t risk losing your keys and they are generally more secure.

Meanwhile, key locks can be simpler to access if you’re in a hurry.

We should also mention that many combination locks, whether they’re traditional or digital, will not allow you to change the default lock. Of course, some people prefer this, but others see it as an issue. That means you won’t be able to set a lock and it’ll come with one.

There are options that allow you to change the lock combination, so be on the lookout for those if you prefer them more.


In case of a fire, you want to be sure that you can get your safe to, well, safety as quickly as possible. Larger safes make this a challenge as they are very heavy and might not even have a carry handle to make your life easier. When faced with a fire in your home, you don’t want to waste time trying to retrieve everything from the safe.

It would be much easier to take it with you to safety.

We know this isn’t always possible and again it all depends on what you’re using the safe for, but it’s still important to keep in mind in the event of a fire. Obviously, a fireproof safe should mean that in case of a fire you’re stuff should be safe in that, well, safe.

However, this is not always the case for smaller models. Your random lockbox fireproof safes that can appear like a lunchbox, for example, won’t stop fires that take down your home and may break open. Larger safes, however, can often withstand a major fire. After all, that is its main function.

What capacities to do fireproof safes usually come in?

Fireproof safes come in many shapes and sizes. The traditional safe size is a cuboid because anything else wouldn’t really work if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it and all that right?

When looking for a new safe, you’ll be inundated with options and possibilities from little safes, to safes you can climb into and take up residence inside away from the world (we don’t advise that, though).

The thing is, you need to buy for your needs, yeah, that old chestnut. Larger safes can provide as much as 2 cubic feet of capacity, and sometimes more. Meanwhile, for a small fireproof safe, you’ll be looking at something around 0.15 cubic feet, and then there’s everything in between.

Smaller safes are ideal for keeping the wife’s family jewelry, passports, USB sticks containing treasured memories, but not much else. Larger safes can hold as much as you need, within reason.

You won’t be recreating the greatest heist scenes of movie history with your new safe, but you can still feel assured that everything you hold dear is secure from fires, flood, and thievery.

Don’t be fooled by the outer dimensions of the safe, either! These safes are reinforced (sometimes twice or three times over), so any apparent space you might believe it has from the outside is not necessarily true of the inside. We wouldn’t want you getting burned before the fire even struck, would we?

How do I know a safe is certified as fireproof or fire resistant?

Every safe worth its weight (and that can get pretty substantial) will have a UL certified rating. What is UL though? UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, which sounds sinister and perhaps a tad secret society. They are responsible for testing, re-testing, and then re-re-testing products before they hit the market.

There is a chance that most of what you own has undergone the UL testing scenarios, but for this, we’ll focus solely on safes. We’ll be able to ensure that the products can do everything they’re intended to do and check their effectiveness over half an hour to two hours.

Of course, we’ll also go over what they’re supposed to be able to do. Keep your stuff from burning up!

When looking for a new safe, it’s essential to identify one that possesses the adequate AMSEC UL rating, without this there’s no way of guaranteeing your safe will be able to hold up against fires. It could cause to the heartache that could easily have been avoided with a proper UL rating.

Safe and Sound

Fire Resistant and fireproof safes are an excellent solution to guaranteeing you’re never caught feeling the heat at the worst possible time. If you’re serious about keeping all your precious items, documents, and valuables safe from potentially ruinous fires, then investing in a fire resistant safe is an absolute must.

You’ll have peace of mind that your belongings will remain exactly how they need to be. However, one must be prepared for many eventualities. Even if you vehemently believe that it won’t happen to you, that’s not how the world works, we all know this by now.

You never know when disaster can strike. Wouldn’t you rather be prepared before something happens rather than wish you’d been more organized after everything has been ruined? Fireproof safes can protect your belongings, so why avoid having one?

Hopefully, there’s enough variety and options on this list to give you a decent range of possibilities for when you’re planning your new safe purchase.

Save yourself and your family the trouble of losing some of the most important pieces of your lives and get yourself a secure safe. You’ll keep everything protected even during the most disastrous times.

Thankfully, finding the key to unlock this possibility has never been more straightforward.