It doesn’t matter whether you will spend the next evening with your soulmate or in isolation with a glass of red wine, we know one thing for sure – you won’t be bored because we made a selection of the most romantic movies on Netflix.

  1. Set It Up

A young assistant editor of a sports magazine Harper and a personal assistant investor Charlie understand that life passes by them. To feel free at least some time, Harper and Charlie decide to bring their bosses together. The plan works. And while their bosses are going through a honeymoon period, young assistants finally have personal time. According to the classics of the genre, Harper and Charlie also fall in love with each other. But everything is not so simple…

  1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Who of us didn’t write love letters to guys and girls? But most of the letters never reached the addressee. So, the main character Lara Djinn writes such letters; however, she has several men at once. By a “happy chance” love letters mix up. How will Lara get out of this awkward situation? And who of them will text back?

  1. No Reservations

She (Kate) is the boss, and he (Nick) is her assistant, who, according to Kate, is applying for her position. But they can’t control their feelings, and a spark runs between Nick and Kate. Now they are more than just colleagues.

  1. Carol

This is the story of the relationship between a young girl and a mature wealthy woman undergoing a divorce. Events take place in a unique atmosphere of the 50s of the last century, which gives the film even more charm.

  1. Revolutionary Road

This movie is already remarkable in that the main roles in it are played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The relationship of this married couple looks ideal from the outside, but in fact, many skeletons and secrets are hidden in their closet.

  1. Alex Strangelove

Alex is an excellent student, the president of the class, and an ideal person from all sides. He dates charming Claire and has a bright future ahead. But everything changes when he meets the charismatic Elliot, who makes Alex think about his own sexual orientation.

  1. When We First Met

Noah was lucky to meet the perfect girl and spend the perfect night with her. But after that, the label “just a friend” was hung on him, and only after a long three years, the guy had a chance to figure out what was his mistake. Going back in time, Noah experiences an unforgettable date again and again in the hope of another ending.

  1. Happy Anniversary

On the day of the anniversary of the relationship, we all want to hear from our loved ones that they are happy to be with us. But what happens to a relationship when the first impression of a partner passes and the honeymoon period ends? The most “interesting” part begins. There are constant quarrels, omissions, and most importantly – the need for a serious decision. Is it worth it to continue the relationship? Or is it better to end everything?

  1. The Last Summer

A group of friends had fun at the prom. Very soon they will go to different cities to continue their studies at colleges. In the meantime, they have little time left for communication because the long-awaited summer holidays have come. Freedom changes future students. They experience vivid impressions, fall in love, confess their first tender feelings, and enjoy life every day.

  1. The Kissing Booth

High school student El is a sociable, sweet, but not yet experienced the delights of kisses, girl. Having once decided to participate in the “Kissing Booth” at the autumn carnival, she couldn’t imagine that her life would change so much.