There’s nothing like a chilled soda or bottle of beer to quench your thirst after a day out under the heat. But just when you’re in a rush to drink you realize there’s no bottle opener nearby. You have to go through the kitchen cupboards to find one. Chances are when you finally find it, your impatience makes you forget that you have to use both hands to pop your drink open. Well, The Catcher by Tooletries saves you the trouble of having to do both.

You can open those bottled drinks with one hand and not have to worry about the caps landing everywhere or anywhere on the floor. You can forget about picking them up at all when you want to make sure that they don’t end up on anyone else’s feet. This handy bar or kitchen tool catches those bottle caps using magnets, hence its name. 

The Catcher by Tooletries cracks open bottles with ease and speed just by using one hand. Its unique construction of a combination of silicon, magnet, and stainless steel saves you the trouble of having to catch those caps before they land on the floor.  You can watch in amazement as they tether precariously on their sides, holding on for dear life. 

This product checks all the boxes for form and function. It doesn’t take up a lot of space on your fridge or wherever you decide to stick it on. It is compact at just 7.5 x 4 x 1.2 inches and boasts neat aesthetics. The Catcher by Tooletries is definitely one tool you’d want hanging around in your kitchen.

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Images courtesy of Tooletries