Your new Sony PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro probably looks very good sitting in the middle of your gaming space but still the plastic covers make it look like, well, a game box. There is a way to make it stand out and bring it to a whole new level of sophistication, by installing any of the TOAST Playstation 4 Wood Skins ($49) over it.

Designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon, the TOAST wraps are made from real wood veneer that has been carefully laser cut to keep the grain patterns consistent and all ports and vents uncovered for maximum cooling. The wrap covers the front, top, and side panels while leaving the back and bottom bare.

The PS4/PS4 Pro all-wood wraps are made from four distinct natural wood choices, Walnut, White-Washed Ash, Bamboo or Ebony. The panels are backed by 3M adhesive so that all you need to do is peel the backing off, carefully align with the game system, and press. While the TOAST wraps can be removed, they are one-use only products but do not leave adhesive residue behind if they have to go. [via]