Last year, The James Brand upgraded its very first integral design, The Barnes knife, in Damasteel Blade. This time, it has gotten even beautiful with the addition of carbon fiber inserts.

This version of the brand’s famed pocket knife retained the 3.5″ Damasteel Hakkapella DS95 drop point blade with its attractive marbling. Likewise, this folder is CNC-machined from one solid billet of 6AL4V titanium with paint-filled clovis detail for a sleek and minimalist silhouette.

Hence, there are fewer parts which means less maintenance and the ability to use it to its full potential unlike standard knife construction. Even the reversible and removable deep-carry pocket clip is CNC-machined titanium. The James Brand also kept the stainless steel pivot and ceramic bearings on The Barnes knife with the carbon fiber inserts for incredibly smooth action. The blade locks in place via a frame-lock with hardened steel lockface insert and deploys using the dual-sided thumb stud. 

The difference is the material used on the scale. It comes in a limited-edition Fatcarbon “snow” carbon fiber inserts for a unique appearance that beautifully works with the patterns on the blade. 

The James Brand designed The Barnes knife to fit full-sized hands using a right-handed operation. Overall, it measures 7.8″ long and weighs 4.6 oz. Aside from the pocket clip, it also comes with a paracord lanyard for added portability. Similar to its previous iterations, this one also comes with the brand’s very first coin design, “as it’s bad luck to give a knife as a gift without exchanging the coin.”

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Images courtesy of The James Brand