Apple’s latest lineup refresh makes 2021 the best year to upgrade hardware if you haven’t yet. Tech pundits may call out the brand’s supposed lack of innovation over the years, but the M1-powered iPad Pro ranks as the best tablet right now. As such, tinyRigs helps us stay organized with the oriGrid Classic.

Recently, we pointed out that despite Android’s overwhelming market share over Apple, the latter boasts a bigger selection of third-party accessories. It’s funny because the oriGrid Classic is taking it one step further. You see, it is actually designed as an add-on for the Magic Keyboard, Smart Keyboard Folio, and Smart Folio.

tinyRigs’ product should appeal to iPad users who want to ditch their bags or sleeves but still carry all the important stuff. The oriGrid Classic lets you do that with the help of its grid-based organization system. It also allows users to customize the weave to hold whatever they need.

There are two sizes — 12.9” and 11” – to fit the outline of the supported Apple accessories you have. The bigger of the two features two additional pockets perfect for items that require more protection. As for the smaller version, it sports a single one with a zipper closure system.

The oriGrid Classic uses a sleeve-on design that slips over the magnetic rear cover of your iPad accessory. Its soft lining won’t scratch the tablet, which is great for people who want it to stay flawless. Meanwhile, the camera cutout features a plastic bumper to keep it safe from impacts. Finally, there’s a classy leather trim or stylish canvas in various colors.

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Images courtesy of tinyRigs