Tini Living is a prefab company founded by architects Ignacio de la Vega and Pilar Cano-Lasso five years ago. The company prides itself in building adaptable ADUs (accessory dwelling units) that can be lived in after 100 days. 

These units come in five models that are simple yet elegant and also caters to the diverse needs of its occupants. The company has an entire range of standalone dwelling units with the extra small version, called the Tini XS, being the most popular model. It can accommodate two people and features a hot and cold air pump, a kitchen, a bed, and a full bathroom within 180 square feet.

Tini Living offers an “alternative building system that brings us closer to a more sustainable, more humane and more conscious future.” The company offers modular but not prefabricated ADUs with a high level of interior and exterior design. The building process starts with the client who can customize their unit according to their needs. As such, each ADU is unique to each owner. 

All exterior units comprise of a modular steel structure and opaque enclosures with several layers of different materials with high thermal capacities. The ADUs also come with top quality carpentry and national production, with thermal bridge break and high solar and thermal performance glass. 

Meanwhile, the ADUs from Tini Living have better insulated interiors than normal houses. The facades and roofs have 14cm of insulation of different types to improve thermal performance. These include the combination of XPS insulation (50mm), recycled cotton (80mm), and multi-layer reflective insulation.

Moreover, all interior partitions are acoustically insulated and clients can choose from different interior finish and layout options during the customization process. Clients can also decide if they want their Tini Living ADU to be self-sufficient using solar panels or connected to the utility grid. Once plans are finalized, the company aims to construct the unit within 100-150 days and deliver it for on-site installation. 

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Images courtesy of Tini Living