The COVID-19 pandemic really did a number to a lot of industries. Manufacturing, travel, entertainment and more. Although some businesses eventually adapted to remote work setups, film studios, on the other hand, encountered massive delays. However, things are finally catching up. To commemorate the latest season of Netflix’s hit series, we have the Timex x Stranger Things collection.

After waiting for about three years, the gang is back for another thrilling adventure against the Mind Flayer. Season 4 finally dropped Friday last week, and the consensus is largely positive. seven episodes are ready to stream right now, but it appears another two will follow on July 1, 2022.

Three Cool Styles To Suit Different Tastes

Until that happens, you can order any of or all three watch models from Timex. To start off, we have the digital quartz variants: Timex Atlantis x Stranger Things and Timex T80 Stranger things. Aside from sizes, each accessory touts distinct features fans will love.

The first touts a 40 mm resin case and strap with a stainless-steel case back. Meanwhile, the second timepiece flaunts a 34 mm stainless-steel case and bracelet. Both have digital dials with INDIGLO illumination and can play the Stranger Things theme as the alarm sound.

However, keep an eye out as the watches will respectively reveal unique details every 3:00 o’clock. Last but not least, there is the Timex Camper x Stranger Things. This is your typical mechanical quartz with a 40 mm resin case and stainless-steel case back. It ships with a fabric slip-thru strap with a pin buckle closure.

True to the show’s alternate dimension name, the Arabic numeral hour markers are upside down. Not only that, activate the INDIGLO system to shine a blood-red backlight and reveal the Demogorgon imagery on the dial. Take your pick from the Timex x Stranger Things collection and rewatch everything now.

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Images courtesy of Timex