Earlier this year, the Consumer Electronics Show was brimming with revolutionary tech catering to various markets. While most are still in the concept or prototype stages, the rest are pegged for release sometime in 2023. Due to the number of announcements and showcases, some, unfortunately, went under the radar. Hence, we want to highlight the WT2 Edge.

Timekettle initially launched a crowdfunding campaign for this fascinating device in 2021. At CES 2023, it finally made its international debut. What looks like just another pair of true wireless earbuds that could be mistaken as another copy of Apple’s EarPods are actually something else entirely.

The WT2 Edge is a handy piece of tech that offers a solution to international communication. Given the diversity of languages across the globe, we can’t expect to understand one another unless we speak a common tongue. Instead, this product leverages advanced systems to translate speech in real time.

They call the technology HybridComm and pack it into a discreet form factor. It may seem like you just have a TWS earbud on, but it houses cutting-edge capabilities when it comes to interactions across borders. You just need to pair it with a smartphone, launch the companion app, and adjust the settings accordingly.

In total, the WT2 Edge supports up to 110 languages across 40 countries. To make conversations seem more natural, the delay between translations is between 0.5 to 3 seconds. It quickly undergoes a series of processes before playback. However, it does so quickly which keeps things from getting awkward. Finally, it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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Images courtesy of Timekettle