Studies conducted by various groups have shown that smartphone usage has gone up over the years. People are regularly glued to the screens of their devices for hours at a time, which can drastically affect our productivity and in-person interaction with others. The Tidbyt is a handy desktop gadget designed to display notifications and more.

Modern wearables also boast this feature, wherein Bluetooth connectivity allows you to read/reply to messages, make/receive calls, and track activities, among others. It’s evident that smartwatches and fitness bands can also turn into distractions in certain situations. In fact, it is considered rude to regularly glance at your wrist in the company of others.

Therefore, Mats Linander and Rohan Singh sought to develop a hardware and software system that keeps it simple yet provides essential information we need. A major part of its appeal is the retro styling coming from the wooden frame (available in Beech or Walnut) and pixelated LED color screen. Even tech-savvy users will find the Tidbyt charming.

Roughly the size of a portable Bluetooth speaker or radio, its vintage aesthetics adds a stylish flair to any surface it stands on. It connects via Wi-Fi and is supported by Google Home platforms such as the Nest speakers and also by Google Voice Assistant. Configure the Tidbyt to only display what you want.

View messages, scoreboards, weather, stocks, and more. There are hundreds of apps compatible with the Tidbyt. In fact, those with the necessary know-how can code their own or even flash the firmware courtesy of the open ecosystem. With this in your home, there’s no need to pick up your smartphone or tablet to view important details.

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Images courtesy of Tidbyt