A wonderful thing about Porsches is that their timeless beauty continues to draw appreciation from motoring enthusiasts. Just like a fine wine that ages gracefully over time, classic silhouettes remain very much in demand among the right crowd. Here we have one looker of a restomod by Theon Design christened the ITA001, which deserves to be the highlight of any car collection.

There is a growing aftermarket scene for all types of Porsche models, which is why their vehicles are considered an investment. We understand those who seriously look after their rides never neglect maintenance and other restorative work as time passes by. However, even the most dilapidated examples can look fresh in the right hands.

Theon Design is one such establishment that specializes in the restoration and modification of machines from the illustrious German marque. The donor for the ITA001 project is reportedly a 964 that has seen better days. It took the team roughly 18 months of painstaking effort to style it in the vein of an old-school 911.

To ensure it performs on par with modern Porsches, the ITA001 receives carbon fiber bodywork. This allows the restomod to weigh around 2,540 lbs. Pop open the truck and what greets you is a tuned naturally aspirated flat-six mated to a six-speed manual transmission. According to Theon Design, clients can expect performance to be close to that of a 993-generation 911 GT3.

Aesthetically, it flaunts an interior upholstered in tobacco brown leather. We also have a five-gauge instrument layout to please hardcore Porsche aficionados. Meanwhile, the Theon Design ITA001 touts an upgrade to its entertainment system with a Bluetooth stereo unit that outputs audio via a six-speaker setup.

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Images courtesy of Theon Design