Clearly not made to be worn, this stunning gold ring was made using 58.686 kg (129.3 lbs.) of 21 kt. gold, and then adorned with 5.17 (11.3 lbs.) of Swarovski stones, which brings it to a grand total of 63.856 kg (140.6 lbs.). Those impressive figures have earned the spectacular piece of jewelry a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, where it was officially named the world’s heaviest gold ring.

The World’s Heaviest Gold Ring

Created in 2000 by Saudi Arabia-based Taiba Gold & Jewelry, it is officially known as the Star of Taiba. The original value of the ring was $550,000, but that was when the price of gold was only $250 per ounce. Its current estimated price soars into the million dollars range according to experts, but its makers do not intend to sell it any time soon.

The amount of effort that went into its creation is truly impressive, with fifty-five artisans working ten hours a day for approximately 60 days before the project was completed. Taiba Jewelry has also manufactured smaller and absolutely wearable versions of the giant ring, so that anyone who is deeply impressed by the Star of the Taiba can have the joy of owning a miniature version of it. Made of 18 kt. or 21 kt. gold, the rings are priced between $1,200 and $1,500.