In case you didn’t know, April 16th, 2022 is National Husband Appreciation Day. Whether you’re searching for what to get your husband or putting in a request with the spouse, we’ve got a recommendation for everyone! Our long list extends from apparel, accessories, collectibles, and more. We guarantee you will find an item on this list that exceeds your expectations.

Best Gifts for Husband Appreciation Day

Questions about Husband Appreciation Day

Best for the Runner: WOLACO North Moore Short

If your husband is into running (or any form of exercise really) then these compression shorts are an absolute must-have! The North Moore Short by WOLACO is their best-selling product for a reason. Designed with two sweat-proof phone pockets, the North Moore Short is the most liberating compression short you’ll ever own. They’re available in eight colors and two different inseam lengths. Plus, right now you can grab two pairs and save $18.

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Best for the Businessman: State & Liberty Dress Shirt

With many returning to the office, now might be the perfect time to invest in some new dress shirts. State & Liberty dress shirts are the best you’ll find. These shirts are made with moisture-wicking performance fabrics making them breathable and stretchy. These are perfect for hot summer days walking to the office, weddings, and all sorts of different occasions where you want to look sharp and be comfortable at the same time. Plus, the performance fabrics are wrinkle-resistant making them super low maintenance…this is a game-changer!

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Best Luxury Gift: Plunge Ice Bath

If you’re really looking to splurge, then you’ve got to go with the Plunge. Cold water therapy is becoming increasingly popular due to the amazing health benefits it provides. A daily ice bath has been shown to enhance recovery and improve mental health. The Plunge is easy to set up and, thanks to its powerful filtration and sanitation system, you don’t need to worry about changing out the water or purchasing massive quantities of ice to make cold plunging a daily habit. Start improving your health with the easiest and most effective ice bath there is!

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Best for the Sports Fan: FOCO Straw Hats

Baseball season is back and it’s time to gear up with your favorite team’s merchandise! FOCO is the officially licensed provider of the MLB as well as all of the other major sports leagues. You can find all kinds of awesome sports gear on their website from home decor to footwear. Their hottest item right now though is the straw hat. The straw hats are great for any occasion where you need to block the sun. Whether you’re heading to the game or you are out mowing the lawn, FOCO straw hats got you covered for supporting your team!

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Best for the Outdoorsman: Tomahawk Shades Elite Class

Whether you’re hitting the links, out on the town, or exploring the wilderness you’re going to need a nice pair of sunglasses. The Elite Class sunglasses by Tomahawk Shades are a timeless style that pair well with any outfit. With multiple frame and lens color variations, you’re sure to find a pair that suits you best. Tomahawk Shades creates their “small batch” handcrafted sunglasses using durable spring hinges that are designed to last long and fit perfectly to any head. What’s really nice is they come with an outstanding replacement policy where they will replace lost or broken pairs at a fraction of the retail price so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally drop them in the lake!

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Best for the Collector: Netflix Funko Pops or FOCO Bobbleheads

If your husband has a passion for entertainment then you’ve got to check out collectibles by FOCO & Netflix.Shop for the perfect gift ideas. From Squid Game Funko Pops to Stranger Things wall posters Netflix.Shop has all the hottest officially licensed merch from your favorite hit series. If he’s got ESPN on the TV all day, then there is definitely something for him at FOCO where they create iconic bobbleheads for almost every pro athlete never missing a big moment in sports.

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Questions about Husband Appreciation Day

There are a lot of questions surrounding National Husband Appreciation Day so we wanted to make sure we helped answer these for you to the best of our ability.

What is National Husband Appreciation Day?

One day out of the entire year where wives can celebrate their husbands for all the hard work and dedication they provide for their spouse and their family.

When is National Husband Appreciation Day?

National Husband Appreciation Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in April. This year’s National Husband Appreciation Day is celebrated on the Saturday of April 16th, 2022. National Husband Appreciation Day in 2023 will be celebrated on April 15th.

What are the best gifts to buy my husband for national husband appreciation day?

When searching for the right gift for National Husband Appreciation Day it’s important to keep your husband’s personality and hobbies in mind. That’s why in our list we tried to tailor each gift around specific personas so that you can find the perfect gift for your husband’s interests.

What are the most popular gifts for men in 2022?

We’ve seen that cologne, liquor, and accessories are often the most gifted products for men. That’s why we created a list of gifts that are unique and will delight your husband!

What gift does my husband want?

The truth is, your husband will likely appreciate any gift you get him…or at least tell you they do! When trying to determine what gifts your husband wants you should start paying attention to what their recent interests are and what they are excited about in the future. Ask probing questions about what is getting them excited at the moment and try to get them a gift that aligns with their future desires.