Tables are quintessential furniture for any office or work setup. But there are those that provide more than just surface area to write on or work from. They also offer storage solutions and serve as an elegant display just like The Table by designer Pedro de Sousa. 

Sleek, stylish, and minimalist but fully functional. This singular office table features diagonal lines and multiple levels of storage that resemble cubby holes to minimize clutter. There’s a space to hold a laptop, mouse, keyboard, monitor, or your PC setup on the main tabletop. There are storage spaces on both left and right so you have the freedom to put what you want in them from books, magazines, CDs, documents, and more. The uppermost right corner is an ideal spot for a lamp.

The Table is a humble piece of furniture that boasts a classic design but with a modern twist. It makes a great addition to your work setup or even in the living area. It boasts four diagonal legs in shiny gold that make a beautiful contrast to the woodwork. They add visual delight as they appear to pierce the wood panels.

Best of all, cleanup is a breeze with its open layout. You can also easily spot items stored and there are no sharp points since the edges are curved, making it more pleasing to the eyes.

Moreover, The Table uses natural materials mixed with industrial ones that make it easily adaptable to any space. It is meant to blend with its surroundings and stand out in a subtle and attractive way.

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Images courtesy of Pedro de Sousa