Remember when designer Weronika Zytko showed off the Ovini Balance Stool sometime last year? Well, the Sway Chair is sort of similar in concept but bigger and with a matching backrest.

It’s designed to be a lounging chair that fuses the rigidity of well-built chairs plus the flexibility and comfort of your everyday bean bag — that’s an unusual pairing that furniture company KI manages to pull off quite excellently.

The Sway Chair comes with a number of interesting structural elements, but one of them is particularly notable. specifically, it’s the hemispherical base that rests on a freely rotating and swiveling base that has four legs. The seating area rests on the base via contact points, and the base hides ball bearings that allow for liberal movement. You can lean forwards, backwards, sideways, or whoever position is most comfortable for you.

In that regard, this Sway Chair is one of the most startling pieces of furniture we’ve ever seen. It betrays your perception of structure. You think it’s a rigid, robust chair but when you sit on it you’ll find that it’s the one of the most flexible pieces of living room staples you’ve ever come across. This effectively makes the chair also one of the most versatile, seeing as you can turn it into a work chair if need be, then put your feet up and relax when you lean back and use it as a lounge. This is a simple, yet genius design, and we can’t wait to see more from KI.


Photos courtesy of KI