If you’ve ever tried cooking Chinese cuisine, most recipes often call for Shaoxing wine. Also known as yellow rice wine, it has a distinct flavor and aroma that some dishes call for. The reason why we brought that up is to highlight a recent building designed by gad. The Shaoxing Rice Wine Town Reception Room is one of the more unique creations we’ve seen.

Located in the town of Dongpu, where most of China’s and the world’s Shaoxing wine comes from. The site was originally one of the many workshops that produces the drink/cooking ingredient. The architects attempted to preserve some of the structures around it which is why you’ll see the red brick chimney still standing.

Aside from the sophisticated look of the Shaoxing Rice Wine Town Reception Room, its design is modular. Originally, gad was planning to use wood for the framework. However, several factors including cost of maintenance, local climate, and fire-prevention standards, among others, prompted the switch to steel.

Still, they were able to apply the concept at the end. The exterior of the building is clad in recycled bamboo. The wooden planks give the Shaoxing Rice Wine Town Reception Room a warm and welcoming façade. Since the spaces are divided into cubes, it’s easier to adapt to what the project calls for.

“Modular space and modular form are highly unified, bringing the maximum degree of rapid prefabrication and installation while maintaining actual requirements of rapid construction and cost control,” notes gad. The Shaoxing Rice Wine Town Reception Room seems like a must-visit landmark whenever you’re in the area.

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Images courtesy of Yaoli Studio