Can you believe Seiko has been around since 1881? Yes, we can’t either. That’s a testament to the brand’s relevance that they still manage to cater to a millennial audience despite being so ancient. Because they’ve been around so long, that means the company has acquired quite a sizable treasure trove of classics. One such example is the 1968 Prospex Automatic Diver’s watch, which is now getting a limited edition re-release.

There are several noteworthy differences between the original 1968 Prospex Automatic Diver’s watch and the variant for this new era. Most importantly, the new one boasts a 37-jewel calibre 8L55 movement with a 55-hour power reserve. It can survive, theoretically, up to 300 meters underwater. Though summer is almost nearing its end, which means you won’t be diving anytime soon, the sophisticated design of this watch will make you want to wear it for any occasion.

In terms of aesthetics, however, much remains unchanged. There’s still the coated stainless steel exterior with its signature flat caseback. Plus a gorgeous unidirectional dive timer bezel, and for good measure, a durable and robust yet super strong silicone band. Seiko will hand off just 1,500 examples, so better hurry if you want one.

This iconic timepiece is now available for $5,400. That’s a tad bit too pricey for a diver’s watch, for sure. However, the classic design and time-tested quality and performance make the asking price more than worth it. Make sure to hit the link below for more information on how to purchase one.