Not everyone has access to potable water straight from the tap. These days, people just opt for convenience and just stock up on bottled water. However, we all know that single-use plastic containers usually just end up in landfills or even worse – the ocean. Luckily, we have innovative alternatives like The Reservoir from Pentair Rocean.

This freestanding countertop water filter is an eco-friendly alternative for homes, offices, dining establishments, and more. Even if what comes out of the faucet is deemed safe by experts, why take the risk? We need to understand that bottled water is not the only solution.

Hence, The Reservoir may require a couple more steps, but the results should be beneficial in the long term. The manufacturer states that its machine uses coconut shell carbon filters. This resource is easy to come by and is biodegradable. Moreover, it can remove 76 contaminants from up to 390 gallons of water before it needs a replacement.

This is 10 times more than what a Brita pitcher can manage. Even the housing is manufactured out of 40% recycled plastic and the tank is BPA-free. The Reservoir measures 11.9” high, 10.5” wide, and 8.8” deep. When empty, the entire assembly tips the scales at 6.4 lbs.

It can hold two liters of water and dispenses at a flow rate of 0.37 gallons per minute or 1.4 liters per minute. The spout has a clearance of 10.4” which can fit standard drinking vessels and pitchers. The box ships out to you with the base unit, water tank, filter, filter cover, overflow tray, and power cord. The Reservoir looks stylish with a minimalist design that would fit in any room.

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Images courtesy of Pentair Rocean