Hampshire-based Ström Architects was recently charged with the replacement of an old house in Swanage, England with a new structure that accentuated the scenic views of the neighboring country park and its own wooded site, while maintaining a low impact on the aesthetics of the area.

This new home, named The Quest House, kept the single floor height of the previous building but has cantilevered one end over the garage section which is hidden from blatant view by the long stone retaining wall. Stairs lead up to the residential level from this parking area under the house. Using the natural slope of the land, the vehicle area does not intrude on the scenery.

The framework is of exposed concrete filled with timber and glass walls around the facade. Inside, the two bedrooms occupy each end with kitchen, bath, and living areas comprising the central communal spaces. The very clean lines of The Quest compliment its surrounding nature in a most pleasing manner.