Your colleague is bothering you. Says he needs to show you something. It’s a new video about a cat doing something it’s not supposed to. Or a new music video by Drake. Maybe it’s a new Andy Borowitz piece, a searing satire about a certain man in power. In the office, often the main distraction are the people you work with. Couple that with the internet and you’re basically living in procrastination land.

Panasonic might have an answer. The company just showed off Wear Space, a wearable device that supposedly helps you tune out the rest of the world and focus on thinking clearly. The device combines wireless headphones and a U-shaped band that wraps around the back of your head to act as blinkers for your sight.

The headphones feature noise cancellation technology so as to prevent you from hearing unnecessary background noise, and the band limites what you see, which in effect offers you a more personal space to work in. There’s no guarantee people won’t bug you while wearing the Wear Space, of course. However, the act of wearing it is a crucial part of the whole design.

“When someone is wearing the Wear Space, you can clearly see that the wearer wants to focus. We think this is quite important,” says Kang Hwayoung, who was part of the team that developed the anti-distraction device.

This thing still needs to be tested, needless to say. It’s too early to tell whether Wear Space actually helps you focus or concentrate. Or better to say, whether it increases your productivity. Suppose it does end up hitting the mainstream market, it’s going to run you $245 apiece. A small or huge price to pay for some peace?