Ads are practically everywhere. Little do we know it, but some actually leave a lasting impression which affects us on a subliminal level. Without thinking about it deeply, we are actually choosing a product due to a commercial. For example, whiskey aficionados in the United Kingdom will probably recognize what The Macallan’s Folio 7 is all about.

We need to understand that ad campaigns can be the same across the globe or exclusive to a certain market. Hence, not everyone might know the story behind this rare highland single malt scotch that is part of the renowned distillery’s The Archival Series. Thankfully, a quick online research reveals the quirks surrounding this release.

According to reports, the Folio 7 is inspired by a commercial which ran in 1984. The whimsical characters featured on the label starred in the one titled “The Boffins Baffled.” It shows two older gentlemen in lab coats carrying an anthropomorphic sleeping barrel of whiskey.

A short description of this tale reads, “A beautiful and deliciously quirky, interpretation of the story of our exceptional whisky, slumbering patiently in sherry seasoned oak casks. The Macallan Directors of the time invited a party of scientists to unravel the story as to why The Macallan was so special, but they were left positively baffled.”

The story continues with, “no scientific rationale could account for the magic which took place inside of the casks, so the Boffins insisted on taking extra whisky back to the laboratory – all in the name of ‘research’.” As it says, Folio 7 is the seventh expression under The Archival Series.

Should you choose to sample this delightful blend, then it will be a memorable experience. However, The Macallan shares the tasting notes for folks who want to add the Folio 7 to their unopened collection instead. The single malt whiskey is honey gold in hue.

It exudes a nose of baked apple/pear, dried fruits, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, chocolate, orange and oak. The palate is that of light spices, milk chocolate, fig, raisins, orange peel, baked fruits, and vanilla. Finally, the Folio 7 finish is drawn out with hints of cream, warm spices, and dried fruit.

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Images courtesy of The Macallan