It’s almost the Year of the Ox and some of us are already preparing for the festivities. Just like the regular New Year celebrations, people love to make a toast to good health and prosperity for the days ahead. Of course, unless it’s against your beliefs or due to a medical reason, alcohol is an essential element for it all. If Scotch is in order, check out The Macallan 2021 Lunar New Year Festive Set.

This limited-edition offering comes with two bottles of the distiller’s Double Cask 12 Years Old blend. Whisky enthusiasts are going to love with this special release and are likely to purchase more than one bundle. The Macallan 2021 Lunar New Year Festive Set would make a fine addition to any growing collection.

If you can afford to splurge on booze this month, this is the classy way to go. Aside from the tasty contents within, the packaging also touts an exclusive design to commemorate the occasion. The Macallan 2021 Lunar New Year Festive Set arrives in two boxes.

When set beside one another, the print on the boxes combines to show an artistic rendition of the Macallan estate. Key landmarks such as the River Spey, barley fields and even the distillery are visible. Everything is presented in a distinct traditional style one would normally find on Chinese fabrics.

The details do not end there, as the labels on each bottle of The Macallan 2021 Lunar New Year Festive Set features similar embellishments as the boxes. The distillery describes the whisky’s color as harvest sun. As for the nose, it’s listing candied orange, vanilla custard, toffee apple, and newly felled oak. Meanwhile, the palate will remind you of citrus, raisins, wood spices, honey, and caramel.

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Images courtesy of The Macallan Distillers Limited