Now that the consumer electronics industry is slowly shifting to even higher display resolutions, 4K-resolution TVs are becoming more affordable. However, with new technology and gimmicks on the way, hi-tech models will still command a higher price point. A great example of what we’re talking about is the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R that debuted at the 2019 CES.

Things are looking great for home entertainment front as top brands compete for a spot in your home. Upon observation, it seems that most households are going for a minimalist aesthetic, which is a popular trend among top designers nowadays. The South Korean electronics company understands that users want to maximize space. Hence, it delivers a breathtaking 65-inch display that can seamlessly disappear when it’s not in use.

Industry analysts already know that LG has been working on a rollable OLED display. In fact, everyone caught a glimpse of a concept design during the 2018 CES. The production model still shares some similarities with the prototype. The form factor is a work of art as the enclosure slides open as the flexible screen. Not only does it promise amazing picture quality, but the audio is likewise exceptional.

The base is a front-firing 4.2-channel 100W Dolby Atmos speaker system with a premium wool cover from Denmark. In Line View mode, a fourth of the display slides up with several functions available. Finally, the Zero View mode, it turns into a versatile audio system. In conclusion, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R is perfect for users who don’t want to stare a huge black rectangle all day.

Images courtesy of LG

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