A couple of months ago we reported on the futuristic Hoverboard presented by Lexus. Back then, the luxury car maker was very silent about the project, teasing us with a short video that only left us wanting for more. Now we finally get to see the magnetic levitation Hoverboard getting tested by a group of skaters, giving us a better idea of what this thing can do.

Check it out in the video below, as it slides down handrails, goes across water and flyes over a moving Lexus. Oh, we should also mention that the Lexus Hoverboard works only over a metallic surface, and it won’t be in stores anytime soon – it’s just part of an advertising campaign. Bummer!

The Lexus Hoverboard Gets Tested 3

The Lexus Hoverboard Gets Tested 1

The Lexus Hoverboard Gets Tested 2