The new knife by Kershaw is not just a knife, it is a state-of-the-art multitool as well. It has a unique design that directs your attention to the knife element first before it hits you that you are not just looking at a knife, but so much more.

The Kershaw Pub blade is quite remarkable. The blade has a rustic stone-wash feel about it which gives off a timeless beauty. Once you stop admiring its blade and turn your attention to the opposite end of the multitool, you will see a subtle bottle opener and a screwdriver. Kind of the perfect guys’ weekend adventure tool. Take on the elements during the day and crack a few beers at night, all with one tool.

The blade is complemented by a loop at the polar end which is concealed under the sheath while the blade is active. When closed however, the loop makes for a useful carabiner clip – is this the climber’s perfect multitool? It might just be!

The blade handle is manufactured with a type of finish using anodized aluminum and a choice of black or blue colors. For the enthusiasts, there is also a carbon-fiber edition. Even though the name suggests this multitool was made for a trip to your local boozer or a BBQ, there is no reason why you can’t rely on it if you take it to the mountains.