Kickstarter is a treasure trove of interesting design ideas that you don’t always see in commercial retail. Okay, Kickstarter isn’t exactly the best place to invest things on. The degree by which makers successfully deliver their promised products varies greatly. While some problems are present in various potential products, that is not the case for the Herston people.

But we think the Herston Desk Lamp sounds impressive regardless. So impressive, that at the time of writing, 104 backers have already pledged nearly $36,000 to bring this product to life. That’s against its original goal of $13,073.

One look at the lamp and you’ll see why people are clamoring for this uber-stylish fixture. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also features a so-called counterbalance system delicately engineered to allow smooth and effortless adjustment to any position.

Need to bring the lamp closer to the paper you’re working on? Just yank it over and it’ll stay in place. Light too close to you? Just push this Herston lamp back in one smooth action. You don’t have to tighten any screws or make complicated adjustments. Just move it and it stays. The base features a 360-degree rotation with unseen ball bearings so you can spin it smoothly.

It also uses carefully concealed conducting elements and hand-crafted wood to create an uninterrupted, sculptural form, which means you won’t have unsightly cables bothering you as you study on your desk. Herston packed the lamp with the latest LED technology that can be used either as a bright dimmable light. It can even be used as a more understated mood light too. This is one of the most flexible and well-crafted lamp designs we’ve seen thus far.