There’s almost a non-stop surge of custom projects that showcase Porsche 911s of varying generations. To mix it up a bit, we’re here to talk about this restomod from The House Of Cool. Most of the Land Rovers that end up in the hands of aftermarket shops are old-school Defenders. Not this time! Here we have a 1973 Series III.

The esteemed British marque might be recognized the world over for its luxurious yet rugged SUVs. However, the Series III offers more when it comes to utility courtesy of the long wheelbase and spacious bed. To compensate for the larger-than-life cargo capacity, this vintage vehicle opts for a single-cab setup.

Not to worry, because The House Of Cool ensures adequate seating for three. Perhaps the best feature of this 1973 Land Rover Series III is the lack of unnecessary embellishments. We would go as far as to deem this build as a masterclass of minimalism.

This is not purely an aesthetic revamp either as the Portuguese outfit considers reliable performance a must. Therefore, the aging powertrain undergoes a rebuild to address any potential issues. The 2.29-liter diesel engine and gearbox should be as spry as you can get them to be. The House Of Cool even gifts the 1973 Land Rover Series III with power steering.

This awesome upgrade is living up to their name. Just like how it was back in the day for Land Rover, the spare tire is mounted on the hood. The gray exterior boasts a splash of red for the bed and interior walls, while the seats and dash flaunt plush brown Alcantara. The House Of Cool’s 1973 Land Rover Series III will not stay on the market for long.

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Images courtesy of The House Of Cool