There used to be a time when a keyboard was primarily used for productivity. However, that all changed when gaming made its way to personal computers. Fast-forward to modern times we’ve seen crazy redesigns intended for ergonomics and more. Meanwhile, the Grab Shell is a unique take on things as it turns your input device into something else.

Traditionally, keyboards require a flat surface to support the base for typing. We know many of you prefer to keep it this way, but dotBravo wants to shake it up a little. Therefore, this device is engineered for handheld use just like a gamepad, albeit larger and heavier. It may seem confusing at first, but the concept is actually fascinating.

The face of the Grab Shell seems to have an odd layout. A closeup inspection reveals keys that we commonly use located at the top half. As for the bottom section, we have an analog joystick, a toggle switch, a trackball, arrow keys, left-click, right-click, and more.

Heading over to the rear, there is the familiar QWERTY arrangement with some minor tweaks. If you already have a good grasp of touch typing, then the transition should be easier than others. Still, it will take some time to truly master the configuration.

On each side of the Grab Shell are straps to ensure it securely stays in your hands. Its ABS housing holds Cherry MX1A switches with backlighting. A hinge mechanism allows the modules to flip up to resemble a standard keyboard. It’s packing a 2,000 mAh battery for its wireless connectivity. Buyers can choose between Onyx or Moon colorways.

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Images courtesy of dotBravo