Now, who doesn’t love art deco? There might be design snobs out there who hate the iconic decorative style of the 1920s and 1930s, but we’re definitely into it. So far, we have featured awesome automotive and motorcycle custom projects that embody the aesthetic. For those counting themselves as fans as well, you can bask in all its glory at The Goodtime Hotel.

If you’re wondering where one might find this retro wonderland, it’s in Miami, Florida. If our future travels are taking us somewhere near the area, we’re definitely dropping by. The Goodtime Hotel a collaboration between multi-faceted artist Pharell Williams and entrepreneur David Grutman.

The latter already owns several restaurants and nightclubs, which makes this partnership somewhat exciting. The Goodtime Hotel boasts 266 rooms to accommodate guests within its fascinating atmosphere. Miami natives describe the art deco theme as a fitting tribute to what city’s past.

Some might find it a refreshing place to unwind and disconnect from the present and travel back in time. Thus, the experiences it is bringing to the table could be endearing for escapists looking for something whimsical in these trying times.

The structure and its surroundings are dominated by shades of pink, teal, and more, which other hospitality establishments wouldn’t want to be caught dead in. 100,000 square feet of public space and seven floors of eye-catching visuals make it a standout among the rest.

The Goodtime Hotel “is a collection of experiences linked by a commitment to create emotional good,” as the official website calls it. Other notable amenities include the library, the café, the Strawberry Moon restaurant, and the pools. Guests can enjoy the outdoor jungle gym, fitness center, and shop at the ground floor retail area.

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Images courtesy of The Goodtime Hotel