With almost all the leading carmakers in the world already committing to a sustainable future, the motorsports scene is following closely as well. Although the Formula One is not about to stop anytime soon, the hype surrounding Formula E is on the rise. Ahead of the Monaco E-Prix, we get a glimpse of the Gen3 racers.

Despite sharing some similarities with the F1 platform, the silhouette of the Gen3 models is noticeably different. Most liken the aerodynamic form to that of a delta-wing aircraft. Another aspect that gives away their zero-emission setup is the noise they produce.

At around 80 dB, it’s still loud enough to damage hearing but is still notably lower than a Formula One race car. The Formula E Gen3 is currently the best one that will ever compete. These run on 350 kW electric motors that can output around 470 bhp and hit speeds of 200 mph.

It is the “most powerful, lightest, and fastest race car to date,” says Formula E CEO Jamie Reigle. “Formula E’s Gen3 race car represents a leap forward for motorsport and electric mobility.” For comparison, the power-to-weight ratio is double that of an internal combustion engine in the same range.

Furthermore, the technology onboard the Formula E Gen3 race car is optimized for efficiency. This means over 40% of the energy the electric powertrain uses comes from regenerative braking. Aside from its net-zero carbon claims, other eco-friendly approaches include recycled composite, natural components in the tires, and more. As concerns regarding climate change surge, even the motorsports scene needs to adapt.

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Gen3 side Gen3 rear Gen3 wing Gen3 brake lights Gen3 Cockpit Gen3 top view

Images courtesy of the FIA/Formula E