Looking for a lovely retreat while you visit the majestic wildlife of Kenia? Look no further than the Segera Retreat, which is perfectly situated between the Great Rift Valley and Mount Kenya, at the heart of the Laikipia Plateau. This corner of African nature is remarkably diverse and exciting: it holds fertile riverbeds, rich grasslands, and beautiful woodlands. There is also a beautiful waterfall on the plateau, to which giraffes, elephants, buffalos, warthogs and other animals gather to quench their thirst.

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The country’s conservation efforts are very apparent in the magical Laikipia region, where habitats and wildlife thrive. Segera Retreat is committed to keeping the 50,000 acres on which it sits in perfect condition, preserving its biodiversity and the landscape. That commitment, however, does not affect the high level of luxury guests can enjoy on the resort.

Successfully merging sustainable living with uncompromised comfort and luxury, the retreat brings together the best of two worlds: while your soul and senses are thoroughly pampered, your presence has a positive impact on the local community and environment. It seems like an impossible dream, but Segera proves it really can be done.

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