Does piloting a submarine sound intimidating? Well, it shouldn’t because exploring the seas has never been easier. That is, if you use the stunning DeepFlight Dragon submarine with intuitive controls which anyone can learn to operate with minimal training.

The main thing which makes the underwater machine so easy to maneuver is the fact that it doesn’t require the pilot to focus on technical issues such as drop weights, or a variable ballast system. You can just set the depth limit of your dive and then focus on your underwater explorations.

The DeepFlight Dragon SubmarineThe DeepFlight Dragon Submarine Back View

The submarine’s DeepFlight Drive Manager (DDM) does most of the job for you, making sure that the critical functions are all in perfect state. Our favorite thing about the underwater vessel is its advanced hovering capability, which is as awesome as it sounds, if not more.

Imagine cruising next to superb whales at their chilled pace or stopping near old shipwrecks and switching to hover mode to get a better look. Thanks to its quiet engines, the Dragon’s impact on the sea creatures’ lives is minimal, which is definitely a huge plus.

You can plan fun adventures of up to six hours, because that’s how long the lithium battery can keep the DC thrusters going between charges. After the fun is done, you can bring the submarine back to its docking spot in your very own yacht, because yes, its petite size makes it a genius water toy which can fit inside most yachts.

Luxury DeepFlight Dragon Submarine Front View DeepFlight Dragon Submarine Top View